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The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Advent Christian Village is that it’s not your typical retirement community. It’s a rare place — one that embraces community, celebrates living life to the fullest, and dedicates itself to serving others. Whether your lifestyle is vibrant and independent, or you require a few support services, or even comprehensive nursing care, there is a place here for you.

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June Village Streams Available

This month's edition of Village Streams, ACV's e-newsletter that provides useful and timely information about ACV and concerning the issues of aging and its effects on families is now available.

Valdosta Symphony Orchestra Plays in Dowling Park

Do you love music? Are you are a fan of the classics? Are you curious to hear an orchestra perform a musical piece that is over two centuries years old? We invite you to The Village Church in Dowling Park on March 6. The Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, along with a full choir and four outstanding soloists, will perform Mozart’s Requiem at 2:00 in the afternoon as part of Advent Christian Village’s Live! at Dowling Park Artist Series.

Public Library in Dowling Park Takes its First Step to Reality

A crowd of Suwannee County residents gathered at the corner of Dowling Park Dr. and Marvin Jones Blvd. in Dowling Park Tuesday morning, Jan. 26, to break ground at the site of the Suwannee River Regional Library System's (SRRLS) newest addition: the Jo Kennon Dowling Park Public Library. The library, which was first proposed by Danny Hales over a decade ago, survived several obstacles to become reality and anticipation only made the event sweeter. In 2014, Suwannee County was awarded the financial support necessary to make the Dowling Park library a reality. Funding from the state is only part of what is necessary to fund the project and many in the county have stepped up to fill in the financial gap.

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Tips for Lowering Your Risk of Falling

“Falls are an inevitable part of aging. There is nothing to do to prevent falls.” These myths are commonly believed. However, research tells us that there is much that can be done to reduce and even prevent falls.

Ten Years of Developing Stronger Leaders

May 10, Advent Christian Village held a celebration in honor of 10 years of the Camp Suwannee Leadership Development Training program. A large group of former students as well as current and past leaders attended. It was a fun evening full of remembrances, congratulations, and hope for the future.

Rosemary Humbles Retires from The Village Church

A lot has changed since 1972. In 1972, bell bottoms and body suits were in style, two Apollo missions landed Americans on the moon, a gallon of gas cost 55 cents, the original Godfather premiered, and Atari released PONG. The year 1972 was also a remarkable year for Advent Christian Village (ACV) because of the addition of several key staff member, and among them were Jim and Rosemary Humbles. Jim retired as president of ACV in 2008. And this month, Rosemary is following suit, retiring from the position she has held since 1981: minister of music and education.

Pill Organizers: Keeping You on the Right Medication Track

As everyone knows, the memory starts to suffer with age. Whether we blame it on forgetfulness, old age, or too much other stuff to remember, most of us feel the effects of not remembering everything we’d like to. But when forgetfulness gets in the way of our health — such as forgetting to take our prescription medications — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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