People make the difference.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Advent Christian Village is that it’s not your typical retirement community. It’s a rare place — one that embraces community, celebrates living life to the fullest, and dedicates itself to serving others. Whether your lifestyle is vibrant and independent, or you require a few support services, or even comprehensive nursing care, there is a place here for you.

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The Gift That Your Children Don't Know They Want

Parents spend their lives helping and worrying about their children, but in their senior years, their adult children begin helping and worrying about them. At this stage, there is a wonderful gift that parents can give to their children that will make this time much easier for them, and will help ensure that their own wishes are followed.

Taylor Commons Holds Open House, Members Move in

Since Advent Christian Village (ACV) announced its new Master Development Plan in October 2013, the members and friends of the Village have been watching and waiting as the stretch of Dowling Park Drive opposite the Village Square and Village Centre underwent a dramatic transformation. Buildings were removed, trees were felled, truckloads of dirt were brought in, power lines were buried, new water and sewer lines were installed, foundations were poured, walls and roofs were erected … What was old has become new.

Digging in the Dirt at Good Samaritan Center

Good Samaritan Center, Advent Christian Village’s skilled nursing community, is divided into three neighborhoods, each named for flowers: Dogwood, Magnolia and Camellia. But Good Samaritan Center’s flowers aren’t restricted to neighborhood names; two gardens filled with various plants, including many types of flowers, adorn two of its courtyards. Debbie Wilkes, court clerk on Dogwood, oversees the beautification of these gardens.

Advent Christian Village’s New Website

Advent Christian Village (ACV) is happy to announce that it has a brand new website design. ACV spent months designing the new look and is sure visitors will find the new design more user friendly and helpful.

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