The Perks of Moving to North Florida


Florida has long been known as one of the best retirement destinations in the United States. Studies reveal that Florida is actually the No. 1 state in the country for retirement living, with around 55,000 Americans age 55 and older moving to Florida every year. In fact, 19 percent of the population in Florida is above age 65! For those who seek a warm climate, affordable housing and a lower cost of living — plus plenty of social opportunities and fun area attractions — retirement in Florida is the perfect choice.

North Florida: The Perfect Choice for Seniors

North Florida in particular is a great region for seniors. It is comprised of the top half of the state, including the Panhandle. Cities like Live Oak in Suwannee County offer small-town charm in a quiet atmosphere with plenty of things to do and see. What are the main reasons seniors chose Florida for retirement living? Here are just a few:

Lower cost of living and taxes. A lower cost of living entices many seniors to the state of Florida, where there’s also no state income tax. Retirement income and Social Security benefits are not taxed, either, nor are there estate or inheritance taxes.

An escape from cold winters. The year-round warmth makes moving to Florida highly appealing to seniors who have grown tired of frigid winters. This means that most outdoor activities and social opportunities can continue throughout the year, and you can leave your puffy winter coat buried deep in the closet — or donate it to your friends in the northern states! A light jacket is enough for most winter days.

A variety of activities for everyone. The temperate climate makes it easy to enjoy a variety of activities, both outdoors and indoors. Get some enjoyable exercise by playing golf or tennis, go hiking or canoeing along any of the many beautiful rivers, visit a local museum or theater, or enjoy a night of music, dance or drama (perhaps as part of Advent Christian Village’s Live! at Dowling Park artist series). There’s truly something for every lifestyle in north Florida!

Plenty of quality health care. You’ll find plenty of area hospitals and medical facilities to support your health care needs. In fact, Copeland Clinic, located at Advent Christian Village, is a public health clinic open to men and women of all ages living in north Florida. Not only does the staff at Copeland Clinic provide quality medical care, but they also team up with specialized care centers, doctors and specialists in various fields to provide the highest level of care possible.

Community living for a carefree lifestyle. Downsizing offers definite benefits to older adults, and moving to a north Florida retirement community provides a true way to successfully age in place. You’ll be relieved of many of the burdens of home maintenance, enjoy a higher level of independence, and delight in plenty of options to stay engaged physically, mentally and socially.

Advent Christian Village: Senior Living in North Florida

If you’re thinking about moving to Florida, consider the lifestyle offered at Advent Christian Village. Our north Florida senior living community offers a compassionate continuum of care with a hometown feel. Come live life to the fullest! Contact us to schedule a tour or to request more information.

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