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Ted & Dodie on Why They Chose Advent Christian Village

Ted & Dodie on Staying Active After Retirement

From a couple of Village members' friends:

“Del and I had a wonderful visit ... ACV is an active world within a world, offering a rich and meaningful retirement with every convenience and safety net possible. I completely understand why so many residents there invariably say, ‘Don't wait too long!’”

From a Village member's daughter:

“To the staff of ACV: My mother lives in Carter House at ACV, and we are so happy that she found such a wonderful place to call home. It means so much to us that she is happy and well looked after. Everyone is so good to her and she has so many great things to do, my husband and I plan to retire there ourselves! Thank you for making ACV such a special place to live!”

From a couple after only living at ACV for two months:

“This is not a retirement place. This is a life expansion place.”

From a couple living independently at Advent Christian Village:

“We moved to ACV in 2011 and we love it! Everything we need is right here. The quality is great and it is so affordable. We love the people, the beautiful grounds, the fact that medical care is available on site, and if we eventually need more care, that’s here, too. Before moving to ACV, we did our homework. We toured other retirement centers and really studied our options. There is NO PLACE ON EARTH LIKE ACV! It is simply the best place to live.”

From a single woman living in Carter House:

“Advent Christian Village is a slice of heaven. It is a wonderful environment filled with people who open their arms to others and a loving staff. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

From a Village member's daughter:

“Your staff at Good Samaritan Center is like no other. They are the most caring, concerned, kind, friendly, amazing staff I have ever encountered. I wouldn’t want my mom anywhere else.”

From a River Woods neighborhood couple:

“We are blessed to have found Advent Christian Village. The kindness always extended to us, and also to my mother many years ago, stands as another testament that Advent Christian Village has never wavered in its mission. We give to ACV because we want to make it possible that those in need will continue to see it as a caring and loving haven for generations to come.”

From a Village member's daughter:

“My mother passed away yesterday morning after being given five days of comfort care on Camellia 200 wing. The love and comfort given us by the wonderful people at ACV was beyond anything that can be described. Nurses and aides showered my mother with love and care and then gave all of that love and comfort to both me and my brother.

“My mother, my brother and I were given constant care and attention. No need was unmet. No care or concern was overlooked. They gave beyond anything we could have hoped for.

“I cannot name names because it was everyone. Nurses and aides that were on other wings but had known mother started coming and they kept coming back on their breaks, lunch hours and before and after work to see her and check on us — even the cafeteria staff.

“I cannot thank everyone enough. I am so thankful for each and every one of them and thankful that if my mother had to be cared for by anyone other than family, that she and the family were fortunate enough for her to be cared for by Camellia 200 wing. There cannot possibly be anywhere in the world better than Camellia 200 wing.”

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