The mission is a major part of who we are at the Village Church

We are commanded in scripture “to go and make more disciples” of Christ.” This may mean going across a hallway or a street or to another country altogether. We’ve been blessed with many retired missionaries in our church fellowship who have inspired us and challenged us to reach beyond ourselves to minister the love of Jesus wherever He so leads, and we’ve been blessed to do this through short-term mission endeavors, through outreach ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, etc. and through our own denominational efforts.

The Power of Faith-Based Senior Living

We believe that being closely connected to a faith-based senior living community allows us to fulfill our mission on a greater level. Christian senior living allows the residents to share their beliefs and experiences with the surrounding community. Everyone at the Dowling Park Church feels blessed to be surrounded by so many caring older adults.

Interested in Our Advent Christian Church?

If you’re looking for a caring congregation or faithful Christian senior living, we invite you to worship with us. If you’re interested in our Advent Christian Village Church or have any questions, don’t hesitate contact us today.

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