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The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Advent Christian Village in north Florida is that it’s not your typical retirement community. It’s a rare place — one that embraces community, celebrates living life to the fullest, and dedicates itself to serving others. Whether your lifestyle is vibrant and independent, or you require a few support services, there is a place here for you.

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February Village Streams Available

This month's edition of Village Streams, a small collection of useful and timely information concerning the issues of aging and its effects on families, is now available.

How Tax Reform May Affect Charitable Giving

The tax reform bill recently signed into law roughly doubles the standard deduction for individuals. That’s good news for most taxpayers, however, because far fewer taxpayers will be able to itemize, many are speculating that charitable giving to qualified non-profit organizations like Advent Christian Village will decrease in 2018.

Family-Friendly Events at Advent 'Christmas' Village

Advent Christian Village at Dowling Park loves to celebrate Christmas. As the season surrounding the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is a wonderful time of joy and anticipation. For decades, ACV has made the season as festive as possible. This year, many exciting events are planned, and you are invited to take part!

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I’ll Always Be Able to Make My Own Decisions … Won’t I?

None of us likes to think about a time when we may not be able to make decisions for ourselves. We may never face this, but it is still important to plan ahead for the possibility. We carry health insurance even though we don’t want to get sick. In the same way, it is important to have an official plan in place in the event our reasoning or ability to communicate may become impaired.

New Love at Any Age: ACV’s Newlyweds

Bill and Patty Davies are Advent Christian Village’s most recent newlyweds. They were married in July of 2016. They very much enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other better. They’re much like any other typical newlywed couple. Except that they’re both in their 80s.

The Perks of Moving to North Florida

Florida has long been known as one of the best retirement destinations in the United States. Studies reveal that Florida is actually the No. 1 state in the country for retirement living, with around 55,000 Americans age 55 and older moving to Florida every year. In fact, 19 percent of the population in Florida is above age 65! For those who seek a warm climate, affordable housing and a lower cost of living — plus plenty of social opportunities and fun area attractions — retirement in Florida is the perfect choice.

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