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The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Advent Christian Village in north Florida is that it’s not your typical retirement community. It’s a rare place — one that embraces community, celebrates living life to the fullest, and dedicates itself to serving others. Whether your lifestyle is vibrant and independent, or you require a few support services, there is a place here for you.

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November Village Streams Available

This month's edition of Village Streams, a small collection of useful and timely information concerning the issues of aging and its effects on families, is now available.

Nine Music Acts Coming to Dowling Park

Advent Christian Village recently announced its 31st season of the Live! at Dowling Park Artist Series. This season, nine musical performances have been scheduled from September through March. Solo vocalists, instrumentalists and bands will once again delight and amaze ticket holders gathered at Advent Christian Village, and season tickets are on sale now.

How Tax Reform May Affect Charitable Giving

The tax reform bill recently signed into law roughly doubles the standard deduction for individuals. That’s good news for most taxpayers, however, because far fewer taxpayers will be able to itemize, many are speculating that charitable giving to qualified non-profit organizations like Advent Christian Village will decrease in 2018.

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I Don’t Need to Think About that Yet, Right?

“Who needs a will — aren’t they just for older people?” “I don’t have enough money to have an estate — only rich people need wills.” “I don’t need a will, I have children — they’ll automatically get everything, right?”

Thoughtful Gifts for Older Adults

By retirement age, most people have accumulated a lot of “stuff.” With full shelves and overflowing closets, they are trying to downsize, not add more. This can make it challenging for family members to come up with gift-giving ideas.

The Holidays in North Florida

The weather outside may not be frightful, but we guarantee you’ll find plenty of delightful things to do in north Florida this holiday season! While it’s true that the area might not receive heaping piles of fluffy, white snow to help you discover your holiday spirit, you can still find plenty of ways to get transported to a Christmas wonderland full of twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments, beautifully decorated trees, and even a Santa sighting or two.

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