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Sharon Lytle, Cook
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
August 2017

    Sharon wins the appreciation of her co-workers in the kitchen by being the go-to person when there is a problem.
    Working against a deadline always requires diligence and the ability to adjust when unpleasant events occur. When the job has three built-in deadlines every day, weekends included, unexpected problems can grow into major difficulties in a hurry.
    Her nomination for this award referred to one of those unexpected problems:
    “She pulled together a fantastic meal when food didn’t come on the truck. She prepared an enchilada and stuffed pepper casserole to substitute for chicken enchiladas and stuffed peppers. She found a recipe online in her off time. She takes great pride in the food she prepares and does her best to make residents feel at home.”
    Thanks, Sharon, for showing a delicious combination of ingenuity and skill when it was needed most.close

Memory Care

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Advent Christian Village Alzheimer's and Dementia careLooking for memory care in north Florida? A secure, specialized wing of Advent Christian Village senior living community’s skilled nursing facility, Good Samaritan Center (GSC), provides the best and most currently accepted standards of care for persons needing memory support. The interior design and adjoining outdoor courtyard permit members to move about the wing in protected freedom. Advent Christian Village believes that an Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia diagnosis doesn’t mean that person’s life will be bleak. Our professional, compassionate staff works to provide to each of its residents the meaningful and vibrant life everyone deserves.

One Rate for Memory Support

Our daily rate is an all-inclusive fee, with no additional charges for medical supplies and other items commonly charged separately. At Good Samaritan Center, one rate pays for room, meals, nursing care, and supplies.

Advent Christian Village restorative and rehabilitative services

Restorative & Rehabilitative Services

If a loved one requires intensive rehabilitative services following a stroke or surgery, ACV provides the right amount of care needed to return each resident to his or her highest level of function.

Admissions Standards

To be admitted to Good Samaritan Center, a person must be at least 60 years of age and meet the state of Florida nursing home admission guidelines, as ordered by a physician.

Artists of Dementia Care

The state of Florida requires that Advent Christian Village employees working directly with members at Good Samaritan Center obtain a certain number of hours of training relating to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. ACV gladly fulfills that obligation, but also invests quite a bit of time in additional training. A number of years ago, GSC's Director of Nursing Judy Crager developed a 12-week program that all GSC staff members are required to complete based on the book The Art of Dementia Care. It's a very intensive training program on dementia and Alzheimer's care. Once an employee goes through that program and graduates, they become an Artist of Dementia Care. The program changes how employees think about people with Alzheimer's disease and what they go through. It also teaches each staff member how to better help the families of those suffering with memory loss. Even though the time the training takes is a strain, the investment is absolutely worth it.

Myrtis & Sandra, Artist of Dementia Care

Art of Dementia Care Program

VP of Health Services Keri Hilliard Explains the Art of Dementia Care Program

Highly Rated

Good Samaritan Center is rated a four-star (above average) nursing home by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). The overall rating is based on individual ratings in health inspection results, an evaluation of staffing hours, and quality metrics. Quality metrics, the area where Good Samaritan Center truly shines, is a rating of resident assessment data that shows how well the nursing home cares for residents' needs. At Good Samaritan Center, you'll receive the best care.

For more information on how Advent Christian Village senior living community can help your loved one suffering from dementia, call 1-800-647-3353. Or contact us today.