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Rhonda Carlton, LPN
GSC & Dacier Employee of the Month
March 2017

    From the time she began her employment at GSC last May, Rhonda has been appreciated by her co-workers. Here are a few quotations from her nomination:
    “This nurse goes above and beyond her daily duties to assist the CNAs to aid in their work load. As she’s given extra tasks, she takes them head on and NEVER complains. She has a calm and caring demeanor, and is great in challenging situations. She is very approachable and always willing to lend a helping hand unbegrudgingly. She shows exemplary work ethics and is very caring and patient.”
    Thank you, Rhonda, for good work done with the attitude that helps make Good Samaritan Center a happy place to live and to work.close

Skilled Nursing Care

Good Samaritan Center

Good Samaritan Center - Skilled nursing care


Good Samaritan Center is a 161-bed Medicare/Medicaid skilled nursing facility offering both short-term rehabilitative stays and long-term nursing care. In either case, it becomes home to the members who live there. Our health and rehabilitation center has an outstanding reputation for providing quality care — with compassion — in a pleasant, comforting atmosphere.

Good Samaritan Center has been highlighted on the Consumer Reports list of the top 10% of nursing homes in Florida. Our medical staff consists of two physicians specializing in geriatrics, two nurse practitioners, and our excellent team of nurses.

Good Samaritan Center specializes in individualized care through:
  • Stimulating Physical Environment
  • Social Engagement
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Short-term Rehabilitation
  • Well-balanced Meals
  • Family Support and Involvement
Our emphasis on rehabilitation restores each person to their highest level of functioning, and whenever possible, returns them to their home. We strive to enhance quality of life by providing engaging activities, exercise classes, special events and occasional dine-outs. We have an on-staff chaplain who ministers to residents and staff, and varied religious services are offered regularly. Artist series performances enrich lives with drama and musical presentations. Each member is treated with dignity and respect.

Physician Services

A medical doctor or nurse practitioner is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can be sure the high standards of physician services are provided under the watchful eye of our medical staff. Under the direction of the individual’s physician, a specialized team develops an individual plan of care for each person. The individual's needs are the focal point of all planning, with input from both the member and the family.

Call for more information: (386) 658-5550