A Thoughtful Plan For ACV’s 2nd Century

March 2, 2015

A New ACV Master Development Plan

In celebration of ACV’s 100th birthday and in preparation for its next century of service, the Village Board of Directors recently adopted a new 10-year Master Development Plan. The projects in the new plan are intended to grow the population of the community and augment existing services, while continuing to enhance the hometown feeling that is so often described by visitors to Advent Christian Village. The new housing options that are part of the plan are designed to encourage neighborhood interaction. Village officials have listened to the concerns of the community and the desires of prospective members and have responded accordingly. The result is a development plan that will better position ACV for ministry into its second century of service.

The Commons – Book Yours Today

A new neighborhood development of two-bedroom/two-bath apartments will add rental apartments and enhance curb appeal along Dowling Park Drive. A two-story independent living apartment building will kick off the construction of “The Commons” at the Village Centre. It will consist of eight apartments with larger kitchens and open concept living spaces. In addition, 22 “row house”-style apartments will be constructed in two phases to replace the older apartments along Dowling Park Drive. These will be single story, attached-style housing with several upscale features and enclosed garages.

Manufactured Housing Development

A new manufactured home neighborhood is included in the next phase of planning, which will accommodate larger and more modern manufactured homes. The homes will be situated in clusters to create a neighborhood atmosphere. There will be roughly 100 home lots added over the course of three phases.

New Assisted Living Facility

New assisted living units will be located near the Village vineyard. This will meet the desire for assisted living for those who are more self-sufficient, housing smaller groups of residents in multiple buildings.


A new home ownership option at ACV will be introduced through modern condominiums located close to Copeland Community Center. The plan calls for 10 units within five single-story duplexes. The homeowner will have minimal maintenance responsibilities, as they participate in a homeowners association that will provide all exterior and systems maintenance. These will be built as soon as members contract for a home.

The 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign

Seeing that ACV is well equipped with services for its members and the surrounding community, the goal of the $3.4 million ($3,400,000) campaign is to enrich ACV’s housing options to better serve today’s senior adults. In preparation for a second century of service, and in celebration of its centennial anniversary, it is with great pleasure that Advent Christian Village announces the

100th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

A Firm Foundation for the Future

Taylor Commons  

The new neighborhood development of two-bedroom/two-bath apartments along Dowling Park Drive is scheduled to be the first project under construction, which will add additional rental apartments to the community and enhance the appearance of ACV’s “front door.”

Cleo’s Meeting House

Located in the center of the planned Commons development along Dowling Park Drive, this building will be a community building, providing space for member activities and meetings and may house some community-based services. It will be open to the entire Village community.

Ceramics Shop  

The Ceramics Shop will be relocated to Aquilla Circle and expanded in a new structure. This area is being developed as a central activity area for Village membership.

South Community Center            

Associated with the development of the new manufactured housing area, the South Community Center will provide additional activity space for the Village. It will provide space for meetings and group activities and will be open to the entire Village community.

Village Heritage Room/Archives Building            

Suwannee County has a proposed library branch planned at Dowling Park and is in line for state funding. The proposed location is on the northwest corner of Marvin Jones Boulevard and Dowling Park Drive. This project will provide space for Village Archives as well as a display area for Village history. The heritage portion is to be funded by Capital Campaign gifts and will be an attached addition on the library.

Village Church Christian Education Expansion and Office Reconfiguration 

Space allocation for the Village Church educational wing will be improved as the courtyard is enclosed to create additional classrooms within the existing footprint of the building. Additionally, the church administrative office suite will be reconfigured for better workflow.

New Assisted Living Facility        

These additional assisted living units will be on a separate site from Dacier Manor. The project will include four buildings, each housing up to 12 residents. These will become home to assisted living residents who are more self-sufficient as demand dictates.

We Invite You to be Part of the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign

Advent Christian Village is seeking $3.4 million in gifts and pledges to financially under-gird the projects of the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign. We believe this expansion effort is worthy of your financial support and we encourage you to prayerfully consider how you might participate. Pledges for the campaign may be paid on a schedule established by the donor—preferably within a three year period from the date of the pledge.

The United States government, through its Internal Revenue Code, allows deductions for gifts to Advent Christian Village. This includes gifts and pledges of cash, securities and real estate.

Memorial and Naming Opportunities

The projects that make up the 100th Anniversary Capital Campaign offer a number of opportunities to create lasting memorials to deceased loved ones and to honor organizations or loved ones who are living. These gifts will outlast the life of the donor and perpetuate the name of the person or organization.

Our Financial Commitment to You

Advent Christian Village is firmly committed to good stewardship of all funds entrusted to us by our generous friends. We promise to use your gifts wisely and effectively in Christ’s name.

Advent Christian Village is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). This membership represents assurance to you that we are a financially accountable, non-profit organization operating under the guidelines of ECFA. We fully support the purposes and goals of ECFA, and display its seal proudly to reflect compliance with its membership standards.

For More Information

If you would like to receive a Capital Campaign booklet that offers more detail on the projects of the campaign, please call (386) 658-5110 or 1-800-714-3134. Additional information regarding the Campaign and the memorial and honor opportunities is available by contacting Craig Carter, President of Advent Christian Village, Inc. or Darleen Hinrichs, Director for Resource Development. They can be reached by telephone at the numbers listed above. You may also email Darleen at DHINRICHS@ACVILLAGE.NET.

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