ACV, a Family Affair

December 1, 2014

A Family Affair

Advent Christian Village is just that: a village. Those who live here join together daily, eating together, exercising together, shopping together, volunteering together, and worshiping together. Because of the regular interaction, relationships grow quickly and neighbors and friends begin to feel like family. But it also isn’t unusual to discover that some Villagers have actual family members also living at ACV. Many have followed in their parents’ footsteps to call Advent Christian Village home.

Currently, three mother-daughter sets live in Carter House, ACV’s six-story midrise apartment building. Carol Wilcox and her mother, Florence Barr; Linda Cason and her mother, Emma Lewis; and Rosemary Eakins and her mother, June Houston, all have apartments along the scenic Suwannee River and enjoy living only doors away from each other.

Prior to moving to Advent Christian Village, Florence worked for JAARS in Waxhaw, NC, a non-profit organization that offers practical, day-to-day support for Bible translation. ACV has become home to several former JAARS workers, so Florence decided to look into it, and in 2010, Dowling Park became her new home. Carol first experienced ACV after she came down to visit her mom. “Mom encouraged me to apply to see if I could stay here and it’s been the hugest blessing. I have been so blessed to be here on this property. The beauty has been really wonderful.” Florence has been very pleased with her choice as well. She loves the serenity and security of the Village. “It’s a peaceful place,” says Florence. “And everybody’s so nice.”

Emma is the senior member of the bunch; she has lived at Advent Christian Village for 12 years. She took a tour of the Village while visiting Linda, who was living in Live Oak at the time. She says she fell in love with it the moment she saw it. “It is so quiet and serene. It’s a place that God has touched.” Linda came to ACV from Live Oak by way of a brief stint in Tampa. “I didn’t just move to Advent Christian Village to be near my mom; I was drawn here by the Christian atmosphere, excellent care and beautiful grounds,” says Linda. Both women love living at ACV. Linda especially loves the friends that she’s made. The convenience of living across the hall from each other is also a plus. Linda helps care for her mother and vice versa. It was Emma who first suggested the mothers and daughters of Carter House get together regularly.

June has lived at ACV for three years. She grew up attending Advent Christian churches, so she has been familiar with the Village all of her life. In fact, June was pen pal for a few years to one of the orphans who lived here when there were still fewer than 10 children. Later, June’s husband preached at the Advent Christian Church in Live Oak — one month at the old location on Ohio Ave. and three years at the current location on Pinewood Drive. Rosemary is the newest transplant of the six, having moved in Sept. 1. Rosemary loves living here because there’s “no stress.” She’s already volunteering as a driver and also helps out at the woodworking shop. “It’s great fun.” She also loves living just a one-floor elevator trip from her mom. “If she needs something, even if I’m in my jammies, it doesn’t matter.” June says, “I can’t think of thing that I don’t like here. It’s like a little piece of heaven.”

Word of mouth is ACV’s greatest promotional tool. We think it’s great that the members are so pleased and excited about Advent Christian Village that they encourage their own family members to move here as well. If you’d like to see for yourself, give us a call at (386) 658-5291 to schedule a tour. And ask about a free stay at the Village Lodge.

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