Support Workshop for Local Band Students

May 27, 2015

1/6/2016 UPDATE: Thanks to all those who participated in this program, we succeeded in raising the necessary funds!

First Federal Bank of Florida is helping Advent Christian Village extend a special opportunity to Suwannee County band students. ACV will host an exciting musical event in Dowling Park in April 2016. Along with holding a public concert at ACV, Presidio Brass wi... Learn More

Advent Christian Village Awards 22 College Scholarships

May 20, 2015

The annual Marvin E. Jones Memorial and Forward Fund Scholarship Banquet was held by Advent Christian Village (ACV) May 19. Each year, the legacy of those who donated funds to ACV in order to establish scholarships is carried on, as college scholarships are awarded to Suwannee High School graduates, ACV employees and the children of ACV employees. This year, a total of 22 scholarships were awar... Learn More

Cancer Screenings: Sometimes More Harm Than Good

Apr 1, 2015

Many are under the impression that the more screening tests their doctor prescribes, the healthier they will be. Testing often is the key to staying in good health, right? Not necessarily.

The Choosing Wisely initiative, started by the American Board of Internal Medicine and now joined by over 60 medical societies, was started in order “to spark conversations between providers and pati... Learn More

ACV’s Craftiest Spot

Apr 1, 2015

Near the heart of Advent Christian Village is a special hobby center where creative people enjoy building bookshelves, making jewelry, and painting landscapes.

Housed in the Watkins Woodworking and Lapidary Shop is the equipment used by the Watkins Hobby Shop Club. A large, well-equipped building, the Watkins Shop is ground zero for all sorts of creative construction by woodworkers and l... Learn More

ACV Member Finally Marches from Selma

Apr 1, 2015

Last month, 70,000 people — including the current and former presidents of the United States and a congressional delegation — gathered in Selma, Alabama, to honor the 50th anniversary of March 7, 1965, an important day for American civil rights. On that day, protestors set out for the first time to march from Selma to the Alabama state capital of Montgomery to protest what they saw as the u... Learn More