Village Streams: August 2017

A New Chapter, A New Beginning


“Move? At my age?” “I’ve got decades of stuff to go through and get rid of before I could even think about moving.” “I’m too young. I’m not ready.” The list goes on and on — these are just a few I have heard as reasons to put off moving to a senior living community. It’s easy to find excuses when you can think of more reasons not to do something. So, let me give you some reasons why you’d want to move so you can let those excuses go.

Live! at Dowling Park Artist Series Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Thirty years ago, Advent Christian Village’s Dick Grillo put together the first artist series season. At the time, Advent Christian Village (ACV) was approaching its 75th anniversary, and became Florida’s first retirement community to initiate and host an artist series for its own members as well as the surrounding communities. The final performance of the very first season was the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, playing to a full house in the new Village Church sanctuary.

Esther Moreno has been a world-traveling flamenco dancer. She will grace the Advent Christian Village stage on Sept. 4.

Flamenco at ACV: An Intense Experience


Advent Christian Village’s 30th anniversary Live! at Dowling Park Artist Series kickoff event will be Monday, Sept. 4. It will be an exciting one: a night of flamenco dance and Spanish guitar performed by Esther Suarez and José Moreno. Described as “intense” by José himself, flamenco is an incredibly expressive form of dance where the dancer uses their whole body — feet, arms, torso and even face — to tell a story, be it entertaining, romantic or comforting.

How to Get More Bang for Your Social Security Buck


In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the original Social Security Act. Social Security is funded primarily through payroll taxes collected by the IRS. With a few exceptions, all salaried income, up to an amount specifically determined by law, is subject to the Social Security payroll tax.