Village Streams: January 2017

Clearing the Clutter for a Better Life


Dealing with clutter is a common struggle in the US. Americans continually buy new clothes, new books and new gadgets without getting rid of anything. Those who lived through the Depression were conditioned to never throw anything away. Closets, attics and garages swell with “stuff,” especially for those who have lived in the same home for many years. However, clutter can be a real problem for senior adults. It can be a health hazard, and it quickly becomes overwhelming to get it under control. If you have a clutter problem, what can you do?

ACV President Craig Carter presents Shirley Lawson a token of thanks during her retirement celebration on Dec. 14. Shirley worked over 31 years as a CNA at Advent Christian Village.

A Shining Example of ACV’s Mission


In December, Advent Christian Village (ACV) held a bittersweet celebration at Good Samaritan Center (GSC), its skilled nursing community — the retirement of Shirley Lawson. Shirley Lawson has worked as a CNA for ACV for 31 and a half years. Her outstanding dependability is usually the first quality anyone mentions when speaking about Shirley.

Scientific studies have begun to document a connection between living a lifestyle of faith and good health.

The Science of Healing Through Prayer


Many people believe science and faith cannot mix. Science can be observed, tested and proven. Spirituality can also be observed and tested, but many aspects of spirituality are difficult to prove. Faith is necessary when dealing with spiritual matters. But when tested over and over and the positive results appear to correlate, it seems impractical to discount what appears to be scientific proof of a spiritual matter. For example: healing through prayer.