Village Streams: October 2018

It’s Time to Tickle Your Taste Buds


As we humans get older, there are several aspects of our lifestyle which naturally change: sleep habits, activity level, and dependence on others, to name a few. Another change we experience is what we decide to — and even what we are able to — eat.

The Gateway City Big Band of Lake City will bring the sounds of the great big bands of the 1930s and 40s to Dowling Park Oct. 15.

Musical Variety in Dowling Park in mid-October


Advent Christian Village’s Live! at Dowling Park artist series is brining two musical treats to the community in the same week! Lake City’s Gateway City Big Band will bring the World War-era big band sound to Dowling Park Monday, Oct. 15. On Friday, Oct. 19, southern gospel soloist Alan Kendall will perform.

Tom and Betty Sheppard were married in Suwannee County in 1949. They have seen many changes in Dowling Park since then.

ACV is Like a Rocket Ship!


Betty Sheppard has lived in western Suwannee County almost all of her life, which began in 1932. Since that time, she has seen many changes in the county and at Advent Christian Village (ACV). She even worked there for about a year as an assistant to M.A. Carter — ACV’s top executive from 1957 to 1963.

How Eating Together Improves Senior Nutrition


Aging brings changes to the way you eat. As your metabolism and activity level slow down, your appetite may also begin to decrease. That’s because your body simply doesn’t need quite as many calories as it did in your younger years. Aside from the effects of natural aging, some seniors may experience side effects from medications that can lead to a decreased appetite. Or, you may have problems with your dentures or trouble swallowing that make eating difficult. Whatever the case, to ensure optimal health, it’s important that you’re eating three well-balanced meals daily.