The Village Pharmacy

The Village Pharmacy in Dowling Park is conveniently located inside Copeland Medical Center. Patients of Copeland Clinic can pick up their prescriptions on their way out. Use of the Village Pharmacy is not limited to patients of Copeland Clinic; any person wishing to use the pharmacy — whether associated with the Village or not — may do so. Most prescriptions can be filled on the spot. Over-the-counter medications and other pharmaceutical items are also available.
Meet the pharmacist: Dr. John Nicely has been the pharmacist at Advent Christian Village since 2006. He received his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) in Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy.
Location: The Village Pharmacy in Dowling Park is located in Copeland Medical Center
10820 Marvin Jones Blvd. • Live Oak, FL 32060
(386) 658-5860 • Fax: (386) 658-5864