People make the difference.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Advent Christian Village is that it’s not your typical retirement community. It’s a rare place — one that embraces community, celebrates living life to the fullest, and dedicates itself to serving others. Whether your lifestyle is vibrant and independent, or you require a few support services, or even comprehensive nursing care, there is a place here for you.

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January Village Streams Available

This month's edition of Village Streams, ACV's e-newsletter that provides useful and timely information about ACV and concerning the issues of aging and its effects on families is now available.

Annie Moses Band Comes to ACV

Several years ago, my family and I had the opportunity to attend an Annie Moses Band concert at North Florida Community College in Madison, Florida. We had never heard of the group. We knew it was a family of musicians, and that there would be singing and people playing instruments like violins, piano and percussion. It had been a long week and the four of us talked about not going, even though we already had tickets. Ultimately, we decided to go. By the end of the first song, we were very glad we were there.

Live Nativity at Advent Christian Village

Few Americans would say they don’t know anything about the story of Christmas — the virgin birth, the star, a stable, angels singing. The story has been told in many ways over the years. How many times have we watched Linus explain what the season is really about in A Charlie Brown Christmas? Movies have been made about it. Christmas pageants are held every year in churches across the nation.

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Want a Better Life? Drop the Candy Bar!

Above treasures and wealth, health is one thing that no one can put a price tag on. The state of our health depends largely on choices we make during our lifetime. Are we exercising enough? Are we involved in risky behavior? And the question I’d like to focus on: Are we eating the right things? Did you know that one cookie here, one carrot there can still affect your health 10 years down the line? If it was easy to predict the impact of each of our food choices, I’m sure some of them would be reconsidered.

Good, Clean, Hilarious Entertainment

Get your funny bone ready because Live! at Dowling Park is bringing back the hilariously entertaining Three on a String to Advent Christian Village for your knee-slapping enjoyment. This group of talented individuals have been pluckin’ and grinnin’ for satisfied audiences for more years than they’d care to admit, and they’re sure to leave you wanting more.

100 Years Young

When someone turns 100 years old, you feel you need to ask them their secret. There are no secrets with Sadie Leona Feagle; she’ll tell you straight out, “Hard work never hurt nobody.” Talking with Sadie is a true privilege. After all, how often do you have the chance to talk with someone who remembers when the sun didn’t shine in the Florida sky for two weeks in the 1930s because of the Texas Dust Bowl, or who took cotton she grew on her farm to the gin to make her own mattress ticking?

Falling Happens to Other People, Not Me

Many people think falls are a normal part of aging. The truth is, they’re not. Most falls can be prevented — and you have the power to reduce your risk and the risk of loved ones. Exercising, managing medications, checking for vision problems, and making the living environment safer are all steps you can take to prevent falls.

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