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Affordable Retirement Living at Park of the Pines

Manufactured Homes for Seniors

At Park of the Pines, community living meets freedom and independence. This senior manufactured home neighborhood allows members to own their mobile homes while renting the lots they sit on.

Options include moving a new mobile home onto an available lot or simply purchasing an existing home on-site. Park of the Pines has both single-wide lots (approximately 50′ x 100′) and doublewide lots (approximately 75′ x 100′). Mobile home amenities include connection to utilities as well as our central Fire and Emergency Alert system.

Enjoy the natural wonders of the outdoors with a neighborhood community to support you. Park of the Pines is designed for those living independently who are at least 60 years of age. These manufactured homes for seniors are conveniently located within walking distance of campus amenities and popular destinations.

The Benefit of Mobile Homes for Seniors

Mobile homes are an affordable alternative to living in a traditional single-family home for many seniors. They also provide a community atmosphere and opportunities to stay active and connected. At Park of the Pines, you can enjoy the services, amenities and community of Advent Christian Village with the financial advantages of manufactured home ownership.

Rates Include:

  • Trash pickup
  • Basic lawn mowing service

If you are independent and at least 60 years of age, we invite you to discover an exciting next chapter for senior living. To learn more about Advent Christian Village’s manufactured homes for seniors, call 1-800-647-3353 or contact us today.

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Coming Soon

As part of the 100th Capital Campaign, a new neighborhood for more modern and larger senior manufactured homes has been planned. The neighborhood homes will be grouped in clusters and will feature a community building. Stay tuned!

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