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Service Coordinators, Housekeeping, Transportation – We’re There if You Need Us!

As part of our senior community amenities, the Social Services Department is available to every Village member at no additional cost. It’s part of the way our Christian senior living community supports the lives each resident wants to live. Our team of professional Service Coordinators assists members as needed by answering questions, helping with forms, linking members to appropriate senior care services, assisting with transfers, and offering a listening ear and a supportive hand. Service Coordinators may also be contacted by the families of members. For more information, call (386) 658-5400. Our senior support services take the inconvenience out of everyday life so you can spend more time building connections and enjoying the benefits of our Christian senior living community.

ACV Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeping services are available to provide household cleaning service to ACV members. Each member of this professional staff is licensed and bonded by Advent Christian Village. Housekeeping service can be set up on a regularly scheduled basis, or “as needed” to keep members’ homes clean, safe and comfortable. You worked hard for your retirement, so our housekeeping services are designed to give you more time to enjoy all the senior living amenities of ACV.

General housekeeping services include everything from vacuuming, mopping and cleaning bathrooms to laundry and ironing. Extra tasks may be scheduled separately, such as shampooing carpets, washing windows, and even packing for a move. Housekeeping gift certificates to be given to Village members are available. For more information, call (386) 658-5374.

Emergency Call Systems

An emergency call system is a standard senior support service in each ACV dwelling. Members can rest easy knowing that emergency services are close by and the system is monitored around the clock. County fire and EMS station are located right on campus, and on-staff first responders answer emergency calls when they occur after hours. Rest assured that our Christian senior living community holds resident safety as a top priority.

Transportation Services

Additional senior care amenities, like transportation, are available for members who would rather leave the driving to someone else. The on-campus shuttle bus stops once every hour at scheduled places on campus during business hours. Weekly shopping trips drive members to local stores. Monthly excursions take members to shopping malls and area events.

Medical Transportation is available to drive members to and from off-campus medical appointments. Our wheelchair-accessible van ensures that we can transport virtually any member to non-emergency medical care.

Experience Meaningful Christian Senior Living

All the services and amenities at our Christian senior living community are designed to give each resident a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. To learn more about the senior support services and community amenities at Advent Christian Village at Dowling Park in North Florida call 1-800-647-3353, or contact us today.


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