About Us

“ACV is an active world within a world, offering a rich and meaningful retirement with every convenience and safety net possible.”

About Us

More than meets the eye ...Advent Christian Village provides compassionate care for senior adults

Along with serving senior adults, included in ACV's mission is a heart for families with special needs, and children. Advent Christian Village provides a variety of services, including help for grandparents raising their grandchildren; retreats for foster children; and leadership training, which helps develop high school juniors and seniors into strong leaders with integrity and confidence. Additionally, a licensed marriage and family therapist offers counseling to the Village community and beyond. ACV remains committed to meeting the needs of senior adults, families with special needs, and children.

The mission of Advent Christian Village is to express Christ’s love by providing compassionate care and quality comprehensive services for senior adults, families with special needs, and children in a secure, supportive residential setting and in the surrounding communities.

ACV’s Core Values: CHERISH

Compassion: We will put ourselves in the other person’s position and treat them with kindness and respect; giving them the dignity that we would desire.
Honesty: We will be truthful in all we say and do.
Excellence: As representatives of Christ, we will strive for the highest standard, maintaining consistent quality in all we do.
Respect for the dignity of the individual: We will uphold each person’s value and self-esteem in the way we deal with them.
Integrity: We will be dependable and we will keep our promises.
Support: We will be tireless advocates for the wellbeing and dignity of those we serve.
Held accountable and trusted: We will submit to a system of checks and balances, whereby we are answerable for our actions, in the quality of our services and in our financial dealings.

Advent Christian Village is
Florida's First Retirement Community

Through the years, we have been a leader in developing innovative solutions for retirement living and health care. Today, we remain dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive services with compassion.

Living on 1,200 acres of woodlands overlooking the Suwannee River in north central Florida, our members enjoy enduring friendships, a sense of security, a continuum of care, country living with the conveniences and charm of a small town, and the unique spirit of a dedicated, caring community. What you’ll notice most about Advent Christian Village is the strong spirit of community. People here care for one another. If you are looking for a meaningful retirement, Advent Christian Village may be just the place. Come and see for yourself. We'd love to show you around.