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Embrace the Arts

The beauty of “natural Florida” and the majesty of the historic Suwannee River are just two of the many reasons members and visitors of Advent Christian Village feel inspired to create and enjoy arts and culture. Everyone is invited to participate in our art programs for seniors that engage all five senses.

From concerts and lectures to exhibits and classes, we truly believe hosting arts and culture events for seniors and families is important for expanding the mind, exciting the soul, enriching one’s life, and bringing glory to God. For us, hosting art activities for the elderly gives residents the opportunity to create meaningful connection with neighbors, friends and themselves.

It’s OK to Show Off

Our stimulating senior arts and culture events have a long history at Advent Christian Village. Members are encouraged to embrace their own unique creativity. And the great part apart our art programs for seniors is that they welcome all skill levels. Resident artwork is usually rotated monthly and are regular spots of interest for members and guests alike. Plus, we can’t forget to mention the several common areas where live performances of all kinds are typically held.

A Place to Grow

At Advent Christian Village, we know that our members and residents are still growing and learning every day. To encourage discovery, sessions are regularly held by teachers and speakers from inside and outside of the community. It’s part of what makes our art programs for seniors so special. ACV forums invite knowledgeable individuals including ACV staff and members, as well as medical professionals, to share a variety of interests, current events, and health-related topics.

For us, art programs for seniors are more than just another activity. We invite seasoned artists to shape individuals of all skill levels during organized studio times. We’re invested in every resident’s potential. And clubs meet regularly so members can share ideas, answer each other’s questions, discuss new techniques, and inspire the continued use of talents. Learning is a powerful process and at Advent Christian Village it is encouraged regularly.

It’s Time to Get Things Started

Advent Christian Village regularly hosts local, regional and nationally-recognized vocalists, instrumentalists and actors who come to entertain ACV’s members and guests. Since 1987, Advent At Advent Christian Village, we’re invested in helping every resident grow through the power meaningful senior living activities. In fact, we have hosted some of the country’s top performers through the annual artist series, Live! at Dowling Park. Each season has variety of performs that entertain and delight. Season tickets to ACV’s Artist Series also grant admission to two other artist series in the area, enabling ticket holders to attend 25–30 cultural events each year. Click here for this season’s lineup.

A special thank you is extended to the Advocates of the Arts and the Village Arts Council for their continued support in bringing arts and culture to rural north Florida.

Learn More About Our Senior Living Activities Today

Advent Christian Village is dedicated to expanding the minds and souls of our members by continuing to provide opportunities to experience the performing arts locally. To learn more about all of our senior living activities and our art programs for seniors, call (386) 658-5266. Or contact us today!

For additional information, please call Artist Series Coordinator Dick Grillo at (386) 658-5557 or email

Arts and Culture

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