Amerette Ridgeway

Amerette works in one of those out-of-the-way offices where most of us do not go most of the time. Usually those who visit her (including about 50 nurses and about 100 CNAs) are there for some kind of information or help related to their continuing education, license, or certification documents. Amerette always has the answer or knows where to find it.

Another regular job for her is the typing and printing of the hundreds of menus residents find at their places three times a day in the dining rooms.

While she is forever willing to help, courteous and caring, Amerette truly went above and beyond during the recent CNA certification renewal period. She came in early, stayed late, and prompted staff with phone calls and written notices to assure that each CNA had completed their necessary training and their certification renewal. Because she has many other duties, she spent a great deal of her personal time to assist the CNAs at GSC during this time. She did it all with a smile and without complaint. We are so very lucky to have someone so dedicated.

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