Tina Gabold, Director or Environmental Services

When about 150 people live in one home, and many others come in to work or visit each day, housekeeping and laundry become major undertakings.

Heading up all that work involves scheduling, training, supervising and assisting several workers. Tina is very much a “hands on” leader. She not only assigns tasks to her crews, but is frequently found on the business end of a floor polisher or pressure washing machine.

She comes in early, and when needed, stays late to see that it all gets done.

The daughter of a resident wrote in her nomination of Tina for this award:

“When my sister or I bring in new clothing, she ensures that they are clearly labeled and inventoried, and is accountable for tracking down errant pieces. I appreciate the housekeeping crew under her supervision in keeping the facility clean and sanitary. The residents’ rooms are cleaned thoroughly daily — clean closets, floors, and bathrooms are a priority.”

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