103 Years Young and Counting

Marjorie Hoffman celebrated her 103rd birthday on May 23, at Dacier Manor surrounded by friends, fellow members and her son Paul.

Marjorie and good friend Joan Wittman surprised the partygoers by playing two duets on the piano, “As Time Goes By” and “Over the Rainbow.” The audience hummed, sang along, clapped and swayed to the as the duo performed.

After the duets, Grace Notes, a ladies’ singing group at ACV, performed several classic songs while Joan accompanied them on the piano. They encouraged those in attendance to sing along with them. Birthday cake was served after a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday to Marjorie.

Marjorie Hoffman was born on May 23, 1916, in Holland, Michigan, to Jacob and Eureka Zuiderma. Marjorie remained in Holland and ran a funeral home with her husband, Howard, for over 30 years. Later, the couple moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida. Marjorie played the organ and piano at the First Presbyterian Church. She also pursued nursing and worked in the hospital.

“Working with babies was her favorite,” Joan noted with a smile. Joan describes her friend as having a very sharp mind, constantly doing word puzzles and enjoying reading.

Joan and Marjorie became friends two years ago and have been relishing each other’s company since. They take trips to Valdosta, visit the music shop for sheet music, take walks around the Village campus and much more.

“She’s a phenomenal woman,” Joan said admirably.

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