4 Resources for Senior Adult Caregivers

Being the caregiver for a senior adult is an important, and often rewarding, role. It is not always without challenges, however. That’s why a number of organizations have created guides and community groups to help caregivers stay connected to the resources – and support – they need to care for their aging loved ones. Here are four sites that provide helpful resources for senior adult caregivers.

The Department of Elder Affairs

Florida is a great place to retire, which is why many people choose to spend their senior years here. A department of the State of Florida, the Department of Elder Affairs provides resources for Florida seniors to ensure they live “healthy, active and fulfilling lives in their communities.”

The page includes information about various programs for older adults through the State of Florida. It also has a number of helpful resources related to disaster preparedness, food assistance, housing options and more. The website also includes specific resources for senior adult caregivers, and information about how those caregivers can receive assistance.

Safe Mobility for Life

It’s important for senior adults to be able to travel safely. That’s why the Florida Department of Transportation founded Safe Mobility for Life in 2009. This organization aims to address the specific needs of Florida’s aging road users by increasing safety, access and mobility. It works with a number of partner organizations to provide these resources.

On its website, Safe Mobility for Life provides assistance on a number of topics, including a specific page with resources for senior adult caregivers. It covers important issues, such as the warning signs of driving problems in senior adults and how to open up the conversation about safe driving. In addition, it provides these resources in both English and Spanish.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Being a senior adult caregiver is an important role and can feel draining without the proper support. For many, it can feel impossible to take care of yourself and your aging loved one at the same time. The Family Caregiver Alliance was created to improve the quality of life for both senior adult caregivers and the people who receive their care.

On this website, you can find a number of resources for senior adult caregivers, including videos on various topics. These topics include nutrition, dental care, behavioral issues, advocacy and more. Resources are available in a number of languages, making them more accessible for everyone.

Alzheimer’s Association

Those who care for an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s know that it comes with a specific set of challenges. Founded in 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association was created to provide support for people facing Alzheimer’s and advance research about the condition.

In addition to a specific caregiver support page, this website includes a number of great resources for senior adult caregivers. It has safety tips for important topics including memory loss, wandering and sleep issues. There are sections that specifically address caregiving for early-, middle- and late-stage Alzheimer’s, so you can find support wherever you are. You can also get plugged in with community support groups to connect with other people in your same position.

Providing care for an aging loved one is an important endeavor, and not one you should do alone. Don’t hesitate to lean on others for support. Remember to take care of yourself as well as your loved one. A great number of great resources are available online, including these four websites, to help you provide the best possible care.

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