6 Ways Assisted Living Provides Peace of Mind

For many senior adults, assisted living is an excellent option. It allows those who need a little extra assistance to receive help with daily tasks without sacrificing independence. Assisted living is about more than just getting a helping hand. It provides something even more valuable: peace of mind. While there are benefits to many different senior living options, here are six ways in which assisted living provides peace of mind for senior adults and their loved ones.

1. Maximizes Independence

Many senior adults choose assisted living because it is personalized for each individual. Each resident can choose to receive the amount of care they need to thrive – nothing more, and nothing less. This means that assisted living may look different from person to person. Each resident can receive the daily help they need while maintaining personal freedom and control over their own schedule.

2. Reduces Daily Stress

Assisted living provides peace of mind by taking away the strain of daily tasks. Routine tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and even personal grooming can put a strain on older adults. Depending on their health and personal needs, a senior adult may choose to accept a small amount of weekly help or daily assistance.

3. Builds Community

Retirement can sometimes feel lonely for senior adults, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Assisted living provides peace of mind by providing ample opportunity for friendships and a sense of community. Senior adults can spend time with others in a similar phase of life and build meaningful connections. Depending on activity level, they may also choose to participate in a variety of clubs and activities, or just enjoy the company of others in common areas.

4. Provides Access to Important Services

For many older adults, the thought of making a long commute for a doctor’s appointment or prescription pickup can feel overwhelming. That’s why assisted living communities often provide needed services on-site. Many communities and facilities provide medical care, pharmacies, therapy, skilled nursing and memory care on-location for residents. Others provide designated transportation and assistance for external appointments. It’s just one more way that assisted living facilities provide peace of mind for senior adults as well as their loved ones

5. Gives Access to Specialized Wellness Programs

While many communities have gyms and fitness programs, assisted living communities often provide programs that are designed specifically with senior adults in mind. From water aerobics to consults with a nutritionist, these services can be incredibly valuable for residents who want to stay as healthy – and active – as possible during their senior years.

6. Provides Assistance During Natural Disasters

Many family members feel concern for their senior loved ones during natural (and other) disasters, such as hurricanes. Assisted living communities provide peace of mind by taking care of food supplies, generators and any necessary evacuation measures to keep their residents safe during any emergency situation.

At Advent Christian Village, we believe it’s important to meet each person where they are and provide the care they need. That’s why assisted living is an important part of the continuum of care we provide. Have questions about assisted living or other options available in our vibrant, faith-based community? We would love to speak with you. Give us a call today at (800) 467-3353 to learn more or schedule a tour.

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