A Parade of Smiles at ACV

Long-term care and assisted living centers across the US have been closed to visitors since March in an effort to protect the people who live there from the Coronavirus. Understanding the hardship this has created for residents and their families at ACV, the staff of Good Samaritan Center and Dacier Manor organized a drive-by parade.

Family members made signs, decorated their vehicles, and loaded up the kids to see their loved ones. As familiar cars drove through, shouts of joy led to “air hugs,” blown kisses and many smiles and happy tears. Most families even circled through several times.

ACV’s independent living members also joined in, driving various vehicles including golf carts and antique cars. They beeped and waved to friends they had not seen for weeks. Many cars also displayed signs expressing appreciation for the staff members.

ACV is grateful for the support of the community and for the efforts of the employees in helping the residents of Good Samaritan Center and Dacier Manor feel comfortable and loved during this time of isolation.

Although visits are still prohibited, phone calls, email, social media, and video chats are keeping family members connected. And of course, greeting cards and letters are another way of reassuring loved ones that they are important and not forgotten. This parade highlighted that there’s nothing that lights up a face quite like seeing a loved one—even from a distance.


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