ACV Employee Earns New Position

Katrina Fillyaw

Advent Christian Village is blessed to have outstanding staff members who carry out its mission each day. Several have taken additional training in order to grow and advance within the organization. One such employee is Good Samaritan Center’s (GSC) new assistant administrator, Katrina Fillyaw.

Katrina came to work at Good Samaritan Center as a CNA in 2008. At the time, she was attending St. Leo University in Madison, working on her nursing degree. However, before receiving her degree, she switched from nursing to health care administration, and she graduated in 2010.

Her Director of Nursing suggested to Katrina that she might be a good fit as a Nursing Home Administrator. After research and consideration, Katrina decided to pursue becoming GSC’s administrator in training under administrator Keri Hilliard. Before becoming a licensed Nursing Home Administrator, a rigorous training process takes place and Katrina would need Keri’s and Advent Christian Village’s okay before she could pursue that dream.

In 2013, the okay came, and Katrina began the process of getting her Nursing Home Administrator’s license. In the meantime, she had taken a few other leadership positions at Good Samaritan Center: court clerk, dietary liaison, and director of environmental services.

There are several steps that have to be taken in order to earn a Nursing Home Administrator’s license. And several of those steps require authorization before further training can occur. The bulk of Katrina’s training meant logging 2,000 hours of supervised training with a preceptor. The preceptor had to be a licensed Nursing Home Administrator—in this case, Keri Hilliard. Before Keri could be Katrina’s preceptor she even had to take a course.

The state recognizes six disciplines when it comes to nursing home care. Several reports had to be filed on each one with the Florida Department of Health and the Board of Nursing Home Administrators to show what she was learning and to find out if she could continue to train.

After completing her training, Katrina had to sit for two board tests: one state and one federal. Because of her hard work, she passed both tests on the first try. Soon after taking the second test, Katrina was contacted by the Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators and was told she would be receiving her license in the mail. The certificate came soon after from the Department of Health.

So, what’s next for Suwannee County’s newest Licensed Nursing Home Administrator? “Good Samaritan Center is my future,” says Katrina. She has no desire to leave right now. She says she might eventually want to be the administrator of a nursing home, but she feels she still has a lot of learn, and being Keri’s assistant administrator is right where she wants and needs to be. Katrina also believes strongly in the ministry of Advent Christian Village, that it gives many people a chance they might not receive in other places.

When Katrina isn’t working, she loves spending time with her husband, Ty, and their 3-year-old daughter, Tenley. In fact, Katrina and Ty are expecting a new little bundle of joy in April.

Congratulations, Katrina. We wish you well in your new position. Thank you for your dedication to Advent Christian Village!

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