Appropriate Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

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People often wonder “What is the perfect gift for a nursing home resident?” Gifts that are practical and thoughtful are always an excellent choice, such as socks with grips, walker bags or even a gift basket. Remember, it is always the thought that counts, and that will keep your loved one smiling.

Some Appropriate Gifts for People in Nursing Homes

Before purchasing gifts for your loved one in the nursing home, consider space, what your loved one will need and more. Some appropriate gifts include:

  • A walker bag – This convenient bag will encourage getting out of the room because your loved one will be able to move about the assisted living facility with everything they need.
  • Socks with grips – These socks will help prevent potential accidents by keeping your loved one from falling. Feet get cold during the night, but if slippers are not at the ready, socks with grips can make all the difference.
  • Crossword Puzzles – These activities help keep the mind sharp and provide entertainment for your loved one. There are spiral bound books available for those who want to fold back the book or even rip out the pages.
  • Hand Lotion – Hand and body lotion add a touch of home and serves as a practical gift to show your love. Try to select a formula to suit your loved one, like a gentle formula for sensitive skin or a flowery scent for fragrance lovers.
  • Nail Polish – Most enjoy getting their nails painted, even if they are not attending a big event. Nail polish can brighten someone’s day and make them feel pampered.
  • Books – If your loved one is an avid reader, buy them several books of their favorite genre or author.
  • Wheelchair Cushion – A wheelchair cushion adds everyday comfort to the life of a loved one. When sitting on a wheelchair, the cushion eliminates discomfort and even protects the skin.
  • Homemade gifts – Gifts that you or young ones make will be treasured always by your loved one. Some examples include pop-up cards, an advent calendar for the holiday season or even doing a craft with your loved one.

The Gift of Your Time

Nothing can take the place of visiting your loved one in a nursing home. The gift of time is enriching, for you and your loved one. Some benefits of spending time with the elderly include:

  • Learning about the lives of people from other generations
  • Helping an elderly person feel like a valuable member of society/the family
  • Exposing your loved one to the joy of being around children or pets
  • Showing your children every stage of life, while learning patience and attentiveness
  • Building memories with loved ones

When it comes to giving a gift, it is the thought that counts. Consider pastimes, hobbies, habits and preferences of the person you know that lives in an assisted living facility. Once you find a gift, don’t wait for a special occasion! Bring the gift and it will definitely brighten your loved one’s day.

Source: https://seniors.lovetoknow.com/Appropriate_Gifts_for_Nursing_Home_Residents


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