What Is the Sandwich Generation?

What Is the Sandwich Generation?

You’re probably familiar with terms which describe certain generations, such as the baby boomer, generation X and millennial. There’s another term rising in popularity today: “sandwich generation.” This term refers to adults who are not only raising their own children but caring for aging parents as well — therefore “sandwiching” themselves between two caregiving roles. The amount of people belonging to this generation is on an upward trend due to increasing life spans and women having children later on in life, and it can leave caregivers with both a great deal of stress and a large financial burden.

The Financial Burden of the Sandwich Generation

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center:

  • About half of adults 40–59 years of age have financially aided at least one child over the age of 18 within the past year.
  • One in five people has provided some sort of financial support to a parent age 65 and older in the past year.
  • Almost half of all adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent who is either 65 years or older, as well as have the task of financially supporting their adult child.

From this data, you can observe just how many caregivers are put in a role where they find themselves being responsible for not one, but two dependent parties. Being financially responsible for multiple people can really put a strain on you and your bank account. Understanding the options available to you can help lessen this strain and provide your loved ones with the necessary care and support that communities like Advent Christian Village offer.

The Sandwich Generation & Caregiver Stress

The amount of responsibilities caregivers of the sandwich generation balance is incredible. Many of these middle-aged parents are stretching themselves thin between caring for their children and attending to the needs of their aging parents. It is important not to neglect personal wellness and mental health between all the different daily duties involved in caring for both children and aging parents. Caregivers must take measures to ensure they have breaks for themselves and be sure to set aside time where they can engage in stress-relieving activities. Even just taking a walk or meeting friends for lunch has amazing benefits for a relaxed and rejuvenated self.

How Senior Living Is Helping the Sandwich Generation

As lifespans lengthen and people age, there is a correlation between the number of different senior living options that have become available. Independent living communities are a great option for seniors who are still vibrant and healthy. They provide a variety of services while ensuring that members keep a flexible lifestyle and are able to come and leave as they wish. On the other side of the spectrum, assisted living communities tend to cater to the needs of seniors whose health is possibly declining, or those who need help with daily life activities. These communities are great at providing the right amount of support and assistance while helping seniors retain as much independence as possible. Additionally, there are supportive services like skilled nursing for long-term care or memory care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. These options can greatly help seniors and their families with the different levels of assistance they might need, offering much-needed relief for both parties, and easing the stress of those caregivers within the sandwich generation. It is important for those caregivers to utilize the different options available to them, and to make a decision that is beneficial for them and their loved ones alike.

How Advent Christian Village Can Help

At Advent Christian Village at Dowling Park, we offer a multitude of different senior health services and living options that accommodate the individual needs of residents while keeping them independent and engaged in life. This community boasts a hometown feel and a tight-knit group of people that work to meet the needs of every resident, and help families feel as comfortable as possible. Contact us with any questions you might have or schedule a tour of the community.

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