Checklist for Visiting a Loved One in an Assisted Living Community

Checklist for Visiting a Loved One in an Assisted Living Community

After an aging loved one has moved into an assisted living community, there’s undoubtedly an adjustment period to go through. He or she is getting used to a new routine of sorts and a new living space, meeting new people, all while possibly mourning the loss of a long-time home filled with memories.

Meanwhile, family caregivers may have a difficult time dealing with the transition, too. It’s common to experience feelings of guilt or regret after moving a loved one to an assisted living community. You may think there’s more you could have done for your loved one or you aren’t sure exactly what your next steps are now. While every situation is unique, the most important thing to remember is staying in touch and visiting often can help ease some of the anxiety all parties are going through.

Visiting Assisted Living Communities: Making Loved Ones Comfortable

Keep your loved one happy, healthy, comfortable and thriving in his or her new assisted living community by following this checklist for visiting:

  • Establish a schedule for visiting. Learn your loved one’s schedule as far as when he or she is having meals or attending community events. This way, you can set a daily or weekly time for your visits to make them part of your loved one’s regular routine. Try visiting as consistently as possible, but don’t be too hard on yourself when situations arise that force you to reschedule occasionally.
  • Time your visits right. Is your loved one more energetic in the mornings or in the afternoons? Does he or she have free time in the evenings? Along with setting a routine for your visits, try learning when the best times of the day are to ensure you’re both getting the most out of the visit.
  • Settle into a routine when visiting. Spend around the same amount of time visiting your loved one each time you head to the assisted living community. As humans, we crave routine and your loved one is probably looking forward to your visits. Keep in mind your loved one may only have enough stamina for shorter visits, so make the most of your time together. Establish what your loved one enjoys doing during your visits early on, whether that’s having a conversation about their day or weekly events, sharing a snack together or even just watching a favorite TV show.
  • Find ways to stay engaged with your loved one. No matter how long the visit lasts, make sure you’re engaging with your loved one while you’re there. In other words, put your phone away and give your loved one your full attention. If there’s an activity you can enjoy together, like going through photos, knitting, doing a puzzle, reading a story out loud, or going for a walk around the community, make sure to make that part of your routine when visiting.

Vibrant Assisted Living Options at Advent Christian Village

Dacier Manor at Advent Christian Village is a vital part of our continuum of care. In our vibrant assisted living community, your loved one will enjoy a bright and cheerful private or semi-private room that can be customized to feel just like home. Plus, we offer an array of services and amenities to enhance residents’ lives, like three daily meals, housekeeping, social activities and more. Contact us to visit our beautiful senior living community in Dowling Park, Florida or to request more information.

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