5 Myths about Assisted Living Communities

5 Myths about Assisted Living Communities

According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), more than 835,000 Americans currently reside in assisted living communities. These individuals made the move for a variety of reasons, whether they realized they needed some help with daily living activities like bathing or dressing, getting in and out of bed, or properly managing their medications.

There’s no denying that the decision to move to an assisted living community represents a big change in one’s lifestyle. To further complicate matters, aging loved ones often wish to remain in their current homes for as long as possible, despite the fact that they may be dealing with a decline in their overall health, or that they have become socially isolated and lonely.

Assisted Living Communities: The Myths Debunked

Starting the conversation about moving to an assisted living community can be difficult in itself. However, when you’re armed with the right information about how assisted living services can improve loved ones’ quality of life, it can be easier to help them see all the benefits they’ll enjoy.

Let’s debunk five of the most common myths about senior assisted living:

  1. Assisted living communities feel like a hospital. Today’s assisted living communities are a far cry from the institutionalized environments of the past. While it’s true that loved ones might be downsizing to a smaller living area, they can still recreate the feel of home by bringing favorite pieces of furniture, artwork, and knick-knacks to decorate their new living space. Assisted living apartments can be personalized to feel just like home, which is exactly what the community quickly becomes.
  2. Only feeble, sick individuals live in an assisted living community. Individuals residing in assisted living communities generally need minimal medical care. Instead, assistance is available if and when they need it. And, the 24-hour care, health and wellness services, and variety of amenities available actually improve their well-being!
  3. Seniors who are still healthy have no reason to consider an assisted living community. Studies show that when aging loved ones move while they are still healthy, it’s more likely they will stay that way for years to come. However, it’s common for seniors to believe that until a medical emergency or an extreme decline in health occurs, there’s no valid reason to consider moving to an assisted living community. By receiving just the right amount of care needed in a safe, comfortable environment, seniors enjoy a more vibrant, healthy lifestyle.
  4. Independence becomes compromised immediately. Fact: Assisted living communities are designed specifically to promote an independent lifestyle. While the thought of losing one’s independence is a common fear about moving to an assisted living, studies show that individuals residing in the community actually experience a boost in independence thanks to the daily help they receive. Plus, although participation in social activities is always encouraged, your loved ones may choose what programs they take part in; they are not forced to do anything they are not interested in.
  5. Assisted living communities are too expensive. Your loved one should consider all current monthly expenses and caregiving costs, such as the mortgage and utilities, any upcoming repairs, in-home care, and if a family member is missing out on work to provide care. While not being able to afford assisted living is another major concern many seniors have, when all these costs are added up, assisted living communities often turn out to be an affordable option.

Compassionate Assisted Living at Advent Christian Village

Find compassionate care from a talented team of professionals at Dacier Manor, the assisted living community at Advent Christian Village. Conveniently located just 20 miles west of Live Oak, Florida, your loved ones enjoy the vibrant, meaningful life they deserve with the right level of care to allow them to thrive. Contact us to schedule a tour or to request more information.

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