August is Family Fun Month!

Family members enjoy family fun month together

August means that the end of summer is near, especially for kids going back to school. It means that the days will once again shorten, and the temperature will finally start to cool down as fall approaches. August is also Family Fun Month, and it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with those you hold dear before all the activities that go along with the start of the school year get back into swing.

Go Out and Celebrate Family Fun Month

Want to the make the remaining days of summer as fun and exciting as possible? The goal of Family Fun Month is to encourage everyone to enjoy some extra quality time with their children, grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren. Grab your loved ones and participate in some fun and engaging activities. We have a few ideas to help you celebrate Family Fun Month to the fullest extent:

  1. Plan a picnic in a park: There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors and some last days of summertime than by creating a beautiful picnic for all to enjoy. This can take place at a park, on the beach, or even in your own backyard. Pack up everyone’s favorites, and enjoy an amazing day filled with fun, food and family.
  2. Visit a nearby zoo: Spend a day enjoying nature, exotic animals, and family by visiting your local zoo. Zoos offer something for everyone, from attractions like camel riding and petting zoos to specialty shows and even unique food options.
  3. Host a family game night: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy quality time with your family. Instead, host a family game night. Gather both friends and family together for an entertaining night with a little competition tied in. Bring out your favorite board games, some small snacks to fuel your game, and enjoy a fun night in with loved ones.
  4. Go see a play or music show: Get in touch with your artistic side and go and take in some live music or a play. Whether you enjoy classical music in the park or a remake of your favorite play, enjoying the arts is always better when you’re with your loved ones. This is also a perfect activity if it’s raining outside or is too hot to spend a lot of time in the heat.
  5. Go see a movie: Another great activity to do indoors would be to go catch the latest blockbuster movie that you’ve been meaning to watch. Find something that everyone in the family will enjoy and then load up on all your favorite movie theater snacks. If it’s a popular movie, make sure to get there early so you can all find seating together.

How Advent Christian Village Promotes Family and Relationships

At Advent Christian Village, we are dedicated to strengthening the relationships of members with our staff as well as their own families. Members are encouraged to invite family to visit as often as they’d like, whether to enjoy an engaging activity or ACV’s dining options. Learn more about our many different living options, allowing you to be part of a community while having all the independence you desire. Contact us today with any questions you might have or to schedule a tour.

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