Benefits to Living in a Faith-Based Senior Living Community

Scrolling through countless websites for senior living communities, it can be difficult to find one that feels like the right fit for you or your loved one. Many communities advertise flashy facilities and perks available to residents. For many considering the transition to senior living, however, there is something far more important than just facilities to consider: a strong sense of community. That’s why it’s valuable to seek out a community that shares your values and most important beliefs. It’s why many people choose to live in a faith-based senior living community. Interested in learning more? Here are a few reasons why many seniors choose a faith-based senior living community as their home for retirement.

Chances to Get Involved

While many senior living communities have activities available, faith-based ones tend to have more opportunities to get involved in a meaningful way. From choir rehearsal to drama productions, you can do as little (or as much) as you are comfortable with. Residents who enjoy the outdoors may enjoy outdoor hikes and group kayaking excursions. Those who prefer a cozy afternoon indoors may enjoy a mystery book club or pottery class. Many faith-based senior living communities also offer classes, women’s and men’s groups and bible studies throughout the week.

Intergenerational Relationships

In many communities, seniors are able to enjoy each other’s company, but there is not much inter-generational interaction besides visiting family members. At a faith-based senior living community, however, on-campus worship services attract community members of all ages. Residents have the opportunity to build relationships with peers, but also younger families and children. This creates valuable opportunities for friendships and mentorships. Senior residents and other community members alike benefit from these intergenerational connections.

Service Opportunities

One thing that really sets faith-based senior living communities apart is their strong emphasis on service and community involvement. From service events on campus to mission trips and opportunities to teach and lead, residents have many opportunities to give back to their community. Are you passionate about teaching music? Do you enjoy branching out and actively serving your community through outreach? Whatever your skillset or comfort level, there is an avenue of service for everyone at a faith-based senior living community.

Diversity of Experiences

Many faith-based senior living communities welcome residents from a variety of faiths. Having the opportunity to attend services that incorporate readings and hymns from different faith backgrounds is a beautiful way to deepen your own faith while learning about the faith of others. For instance, Advent Christian Village’s congregation represents 18-plus different denominations of faith, creating a beautiful tapestry of worship and community.

Like-Minded Community

Perhaps most importantly, seniors living in a faith-based senior living community enjoy the benefits of like-minded, spiritual community. Shared values are the cornerstone of any strong community. These shared values, as well as the desire to connect meaningfully with others, are a great start to any friendship. Participating in faith-based services, classes or events is a wonderful way to build lasting relationships with others.

Interested in exploring the possibility of a faith-based senior living community? Advent Christian Village is an active senior living community located on more than 1,200 breathtaking acres along the historic Suwannee River in north central Florida. Built around small-town values, it’s the perfect place to create your own lifestyle through a wide range of choices for housing and care while exploring opportunities to learn, serve and play. Residents enjoy a community where like-minded neighbors truly care for one another and can age with meaning and purpose.

While the community was founded on Christian values, Advent Christian Village is open to all who embrace a worldview of putting others before self. It is home to hundreds of members from all backgrounds who understand the benefits and peace of mind a faith-based community provides. That includes offering options for members with different resources, health concerns and retirement goals. We invite you to experience the distinctive lifestyle that makes Advent Christian Village so special. Click here or call 1-800-647-3353 today to schedule a tour!

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