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Dr George Cohen

Advent Christian Village (ACV) has been on the cutting edge of medicine for many, many years. ACV was the first retirement community in the nation to invite medical students to complete their training in geriatric care on its campus. In the early 70s, it became the first retirement community in Florida to have its own outpatient clinic. It was the first retirement community in Florida to employ a physician’s assistant. Today, Copeland Medical Center, a state-of-the-art medical complex, is located on the north side of campus providing medical care, a pharmacy, outpatient rehab and dental care for its members and the general public. Part of the medical care it provides is by offering a range of medical specialists, reducing the need to travel greater distances for medical care.


Nephrology is a specialty of medicine that concerns itself with the study of normal kidney function, kidney problems, the treatment of kidney problems, and renal replacement therapy. Advent Christian Village is privileged to host Drs. Emmanuel Nwadike and Maria Criselda Zaldivar of Nephrology Associates in Lake City, Florida, to treat patients who need their services. To schedule an appointment with either doctor, please call (386) 754-1766.


According to the American Cancer Society, melanoma skin cancer rates are on the rise. More and more individuals are needing the help of dermatologists. Because of that, ACV is glad Dr. George Cohen of Dermatology Associates in Tallahassee, Florida, keeps regular office hours in Dowling Park as well. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cohen, please call (850) 877-4134.


Dr. Debra K. Griffin, an audiologist and the owner of Hearing Solutions of Lake City, has been coming to Dowling Park for years to work with those in the community who have been experiencing hearing loss for years or who have just decided a little help is necessary. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Griffin, please call (386) 758-3222.

Surgery Follow-up

Those who have had surgery and need a follow-up exam now have the option of meeting with Dr. Christopher Staudinger, of Shands Live Oak Medical Group, in Dowling Park. He is available for all types of wound care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Staudinger, please call (386) 362-0820.


A gastroenterologist is a doctor who specializes in the digestive system and its disorders. Dr. Eyad Alakrad, of Digestive Disease Center of Live Oak, is now available in Dowling Park to aid those dealing with digestive problems. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Alakrad, please call (386) 330-2310.


For those dealing with cardiac issues, Dr. Gabriel Mufuka is a Jacksonville cardiologist for Baptist Health who also keeps office hours in Dowling Park. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mufuka, please call (904) 483-5455.


Dr. Gary McCoy is a much-loved podiatrist who has been traveling from Jacksonville to Dowling Park for years. To schedule an appointment with Dr. McCoy, please call (904) 262-7087.

Coming Soon

Negotiations are underway to bring both an orthopedist, or bone doctor, and a pain management specialist to Dowling Park as well. In fact, Advent Christian Village is continuously working to bring specialists to our area to eliminate the need to travel to other areas for care, and to round out the medical care already offered in Dowling Park.

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