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We receive so many positive comments from members and visitors concerning how Advent Christian Village has improved their lives. Those who move here to live independently love the facilities, activities and their neighbors. Family members of those who move into Dacier Manor and Good Samaritan Center praise the staff and speak of how well taken care of their loved ones are. And those who visit ACV for conferences and retreats love the amenities and beautiful location.

One challenge we have is our location. While Advent Christian Village is beautiful, serene and ideal for a relaxed livelihood, Dowling Park is a destination. You need to be coming here to find us. Very rarely does anyone “stumble upon” or just drive by ACV’s gates. Because of this, we rely on advertising to get the word out — whether that advertising is traditional (such as newspaper advertisements), through the internet, or by word of mouth.

Our best source of advertising is word of mouth. People more often believe a recommendation coming from someone they know and trust: a friend or family member. It’s hard to put everything ACV is into a written message. We need those recommendations because you truly must see Advent Christian Village to believe it.

Who would believe that located in rural north central Florida is a fully contained community where people of all economic levels live together in many different housing options, have access to excellent medical care in a continuum of care that ranges from the occasional doctor’s visit all the way to 24-hour skilled nursing care, can shop for groceries and gifts, can keep a garden plot, can learn to paint or work with wood, support each other through financial giving that helps those who have outlived their resources to continue to live with dignity? … all of this on the banks of the picturesque Suwannee River.

It’s hard to believe and that’s why it’s hard to truly get the word out using a newspaper or radio ad. When a visitor drives through the gates and experiences Advent Christian Village for themselves, however, the hard-to-believe becomes believable.

We’re not just for those seeking a retirement community or nursing facility for their next home. We’re also a great place to work. Working at ACV is a ministry — a way to serve those who live and visit here, and to serve the Lord as well. We also offer a number of amenities to those who aren’t ACV members, but who live in the community, such as memberships to Copeland Community Center, medical and dental care at Copeland Medical Center, comfortable and reasonable lodging options offered by the Conference & Retreat Center, and three weeks of summer camp for children ages seven to 18 which are second to none.

We’d love for you to come visit us and to take a tour. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll be excited and amazed by what you see, we’re extending a special offer to you January Village Streams readers: Call (386) 658-5291 to schedule a tour and we’ll give you one or two rooms for one night’s stay at the Village Lodge for free. Mention promo code VSJan2016 to receive this special offer. Restrictions do apply (mainly, room availability), so call soon to make sure the Lodge isn’t booked for the time you’d like to come.

Come, take a tour, and fall in love with Advent Christian Village. Some say it’s the next best thing to Heaven.

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