Daisy, the Potbelly Pig Promotes Reading

The world’s most famous pig lives in Dowling Park and she is on a mission. You heard that right; Daisy Minor helps share the importance of enjoying reading with children across the US. ACV members, Paul and Vicky Minor, Daisy’s parents, enjoy traveling to accompany her and her canine pug sisters to their shows. Lily Pug and Dixie Cup attend shows with Daisy to help promote reading across the country.

For over 20 years, the Minors have traveled with the “Pig-out on Reading” ministry full-time. Daisy has visited 48 of the 50 states over the years. She attends well over 300 shows a year in libraries, schools, and other organizations.

Her favorite books include other pigs and fellow farm animals. In her shows, you’ll find stories about her own adventures and fellow pigs alike. She also enjoys helping raise money by giving a kiss to the individual who raises the most money for the cause. Collectively, Daisy is believed to have helped raise over $150,000 for various groups.

Not only does Daisy promote reading to children, but she also offers a great listening ear. She receives letters, coloring pages, postcards, and books from friends she has made during shows. In addition to receiving fan mail, Daisy has been gifted the key to the city in five different cities and was privileged to be the first pig to ever be invited inside the U.S. capital.

With over 1,400 library cards, it’s safe to say Daisy is one popular lady. With the help of Paul, “Farmer Minor,” she travels in block schedules to maximize the number of children they can greet in each location. Often, they will stay in an area for weeks at a time and visit several schools, libraries, and city officials all in one stay.

Who would have thought a blind date would lead to the Minors 50 years of marriage and a traveling children’s ministry? Paul says, “It goes to show, you never know what the Lord has in store unless you follow his lead.”

Their ministry isn’t just limited to children. In addition to performing in schools and libraries, Daisy enjoys hosting shows for memory care patients. These shows focus on stories of Daisy and her days on the farm. The hope is that the patients connect the stories with their childhood memories and fill the room with contagious smiles, similar to the children’s shows.

The Minors will be the first to tell you they never expected to leave the family farm in Connecticut to live at Advent Christian Village for half the year. However, they’re happy they made their home in this inviting community along the Suwannee River. And so are we.


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