Explore Types of Senior Living Careers 

If you want to truly make a difference every day, consider a career in senior living. It is a growing field full of job opportunities and is a great choice for those who enjoy building meaningful relationships. While many senior living careers involve healthcare, there are a variety of other jobs available, too. From nursing to food prep, there are roles for every personality and skill level. Want to explore senior living careers? Here’s a guide to several opportunities, and what working in this field could look like for you.  

Healthcare Roles 

Healthcare is incredibly meaningful work – and can also be somewhat draining. In the fast-paced environment of a hospital or large clinic, some professionals wish they had more time to slow down and connect with their patients. If you have a medical background but are looking to work at a different pace, consider making the transition to senior living. While you provide many of the same services, senior living communities provide a more measured pace.  

These communities need doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists and more. In addition, other qualified roles include healthcare director, physical therapist and nutritionist. In each one of these roles, you will have opportunities to get to know your patients and provide support during what may be a difficult time. You can provide emotional support, and friendship, in addition to health services.  

Other Roles

If your background is not in healthcare, or you’re just starting out in your professional career, you should still consider one of many rewarding senior living careers. There are countless roles to fill in these communities, and whichever one you choose, you can know that you are truly making a difference in the lives of older adults and their families.  

A few job options include working in food service, housekeeping, childcare, utilities and administrative work. Whatever your job skills – whether you’re creative, organized, great with kids or skilled in the kitchen – you can apply those skills to a job in senior living.  

Is Senior Living the Right Fit for You?  

Are you interested in one of these senior living careers, but not sure if it’s the right field for you? First, consider whether you consider yourself a “people person. When working in senior living, you might be working with older adults who are lonely, away from their families and seeking connection. You have the opportunity to build a friendship with them and make them feel a little less alone. 

Second, it might be the right fit got you if you enjoy growing and being challenged every day. If you’ve worked in healthcare in the past, this type of job can be a way to stretch and expand your skills. You’ll be working with a new team of experts and specialists in the field and can learn and grow along with them. 

Finally, it might be the right fit if you value meaning above all in your choice of vocation. No matter what role you fill in a senior living community, at the end of the day, you can know that you are doing meaningful work. You are building friendships with those who may need a friend the most. To those living in the community, you truly become like family. 

Get Started Today

If you have a passion for building relationships and providing skilled, compassionate care, consider joining our team at Advent Christian Village or ACV Health. Regardless of the area or department they work in, our team members enjoy building relationships with members and patients and help brighten their day at our vibrant senior living community. Explore senior living careers on our careers page today. 

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