Faith and Fun Foster Family Connections with Your Grandchildren – Part One

Faith and Fun Foster Family Connections | Advent Christian Village

Are you searching for meaningful ways to grow your family connections? There is nothing like the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, but what are some practical ways to continue growing these relationships as everyone ages?

Years from now, what will your grandchildren remember about your time together? Will they remember the family traditions of attending church on holidays or how you always include a Bible verse in their birthday cards? Will they remember your prayers in times of need and in times of celebration? Regardless of the age or stage in life, faith and fun are the best paths for fostering family connections with your grandchildren. In Part 1 of 2, we will explore ideas for strengthening relationships with your grandchildren through faith and family traditions.

Share Your Faith and Wisdom

You’ve earned those beautiful silver streaks in your hair, and your grandchildren can benefit from your experiences. By sharing your faith and wisdom, you are passing down values you care about to another generation and creating even more family connections.

Sharing your faith can be as simple as saying a prayer before a meal, engaging in a Bible study or praying together before you say goodbye. Ask your grandchildren what they are struggling with, and share how you can pray for each other. Suggest other activities such as creating a prayer list or gratitude journal, and challenge your grandchildren to come up with their own suggestions.

If you want to organize regular Bible study sessions, you can schedule meetings in person or online. Keep your grandchildren’s ages in mind so you can tailor your lessons to their attention span and level of understanding. If you have multiple grandchildren, this is a great way to bring everyone together for a shared faith activity.

Build Family Connections through Traditions

Wisdom isn’t just learned in the classroom. It’s an accumulation of experiences, actions, successes and failures, and you have a wonderful opportunity to pass down family traditions. When you share your family stories and personal testimonies, create an inviting place for your grandchildren to share theirs, too.

Discuss the importance of family traditions and how they can be adapted or maintained across generations. Cook favorite family recipes together, or record yourself making a special dish. Teach your grandchildren how to drive or change a tire. Create a family recipe book, or share family photos and scrapbook together. Teach them how to create a budget, make homemade chicken and dumplings or build a birdhouse.

Ask your grandchildren how you can create new traditions, and get them excited to start an activity together. Whether you plan a special trip when they turn 16, organize a tea party for all the grandkids or visit favorite museums, this time spent together will build the family connections they will pass down to their future families.

Create a Legacy of Love and Faith

Every effort that grandparents make to build family connections creates a legacy of love and faith. Our community at Advent Christian Village is here to support your efforts to stay connected, including offering cottages for family visits.

Whether you want to take a walk after dinner on our beautiful trails or simply plant some flowers, our beautiful community along the Suwanee River provides the perfect backdrop for your family’s activities. Schedule a tour to experience a retirement lifestyle in a vibrant community.

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