Family Relationship Tips: Connecting with Adult Children

A senior couple on video chat with a family member

Maintaining relationships with your adult children can be more challenging than when they lived under your roof, but in some ways, it is even more rewarding.  

Your children might live in a different city or state, work demanding jobs or have families and children of their own. But now that they are adults, you can connect with them on a deeper level and share a new kind of friendship. 

When life moves quickly, however, and everyone is on a different schedule, it can be hard to make time to foster these important family relationships. Here are a few simple ways to connect with your adult children and build a strong family relationship during your retirement years. 

Make the Effort 

Maintaining a strong relationship goes both ways, but you can be the one to get the ball rolling. Be intentional about communicating regularly through phone calls, video calls, emails or text messages. You can even ask your children which method they prefer or which is most convenient for them. Set aside time each week to catch up and share updates about your lives – even the mundane things. It may help to find one time that works and schedule it in advance. 

While having these regular times to chat can feel awkward at first, it will become easier and more natural with time. What starts as a simple routine can quickly become the highlight of your week and theirs. 

Remember this isn’t just a time to talk, but to listen, too. These conversations are an opportunity to offer emotional support and encouragement during challenging times or life transitions. Be there to listen, provide advice or offer a shoulder to lean on when they need it most. 

Involve Them in Your Life 

If you want your adult children to share their lives with you, this must go both ways. Lead the way and be equally open with them about what’s happening in your life. Being vulnerable with each other can strengthen a family relationship by building trust. 

Involve them in important decisions and discussions such as your health care planning, financial matters or housing options. Seeking their input and advice can make them feel valued and involved in your life – and you will likely find value in their input. 

Whenever you can, express gratitude and appreciation for their love, support and care. Let them know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Share when you find their input or thoughts helpful and valuable.  

Plan Quality Time 

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a holiday gathering or a special occasion, spending quality time together can strengthen your family relationship and create lasting memories. Plan ahead to find time that works with everyone’s schedule – it’ll be well worth the effort. 

Like any relationship, you must be willing to put in the effort with your adult children. There is no reason you can’t stay connected and spend quality time together during your retirement years.  In fact, some families find that these later years are their most cherished memories and times spent together. 

Live with Meaning and Purpose at Advent Christian Village 

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While these conference and retreat facilities were designed to be a benefit to our members, they are open (subject to availability) to anyone in the community interested in booking a reservation. Learn more here. 

In addition to these beautiful facilities, Advent Christian Village is pleased to be “family friendly” and offer many opportunities for members to prioritize their family relationships. We offer convenient access via interstate travel (including connections from the nearby Jacksonville International Airport), so your family members can easily make the trip. Learn more about everything our community offers at ACVillage.net. 

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