How to Find the Right Retirement Location for You

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When it comes to planning your retirement, the options can feel endless. At what age will you retire? Do you want to downsize? Pick up a new hobby or part-time job? Will you buy or rent? What kind of retirement lifestyle are you looking for?

While all these questions are important, perhaps the most important consideration is where you’ll live. Home is where the heart is, after all, and your retirement location is going to be your home for this exciting new stage of life.

There’s no one-size-fits-all senior living community, and everyone’s needs are different. However, here are a few things to consider before choosing a retirement location.


Not all communities come with the same price tag, and some locations are more expensive than others. Look for communities that will make the most of your budget while being in a location that you find appealing. It’s important to consider the cost of housing, taxes and daily expenses when deciding which location is a good fit for you.


Do you enjoy traveling, or would traveling often be a challenge for you? Consider where your children, grandchildren, close friends and other loved ones reside. If you don’t wish to travel often, you might want to live in a location that is within easy driving distance. If travel isn’t an issue for you, you’ll still want to choose a retirement community with easy access to an airport or other transportation.


Next, consider the resources you’ll want or need during your retirement years. Different communities specialize in different areas such as skilled nursing, rehabilitation services or memory care. Will you or your spouse have to leave the community if you require more care or are multiple levels of care provided within the community? You should look at the communities that have the resources most important to you and that will provide peace of mind for your future.


As important as it is to enjoy the atmosphere of your senior living community, you should also make sure that you enjoy the amenities in the greater area. Retirement communities located near shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues and outdoor recreation areas can offer a wide range of amenities and activities to enhance your quality of life.


The weather in your new home is no small consideration – it can have a direct impact on your health. Additionally, it has the potential to limit the outdoor activities available to you if the weather is too harsh for much of the year. Many older adults choose the South as an ideal retirement location because the weather is generally warm year-round. Even warm and sunny locations such as North Florida have cold times in the winter, however, so you’ll still get to experience all four seasons for a time.


Retirement communities located in safe neighborhoods can provide a sense of security and reduce the risk of crime or other safety concerns. Make sure you ask about security measures the community has in place, such as security, emergency protocols and first responders.

Find Your Home at Advent Christian Village

For our vibrant community members, Advent Christian Village embodies home in every sense of the word. Residents enjoy the resources needed for independent living, such as a grocery store, barber shop, post office and pharmacy right on campus. Friendships blossom every day as they connect with like-minded friends through our active faith community, hobby clubs and exciting social events and concerts. At ACV, you’ll experience a community where neighbors truly care for one another, and you can age with meaning and purpose.

Want to experience a new kind of retirement for yourself?  Call today to schedule a tour – we’d love to show you what home could look like for you.

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