Independent Living Options for Active Seniors

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For older adults, retirement should be a time for relaxing, spending time with loved ones and maybe even traveling the world – not worrying about pesky or difficult home maintenance. With built-in features and benefits, independent living in a retirement community offers seniors the best of both worlds. It allows residents to maintain autonomy and independence while still benefiting from a supportive environment, plus access to a like-minded community of friends in the same stage of life.

Here’s why you should consider independent living for your retirement years, and a few of the independent living options that are available.


Benefits of Independent Living

There are several independent living options, and they each have their own benefits, including:

  • Maintenance-free living. Residents don’t have to worry about regular home maintenance, yard work or home repairs.
  • Active and social environment. Independent living usually includes clubs, activities, events and a sense of community.
  • Security and safety. Residents enjoy peace of mind from security systems and on-site help as needed.
  • Health and wellness resources. Many independent living options have health care providers right on campus.
  • Accessibility and age-friendly design. Because the homes and apartments are built with older adults in mind, they typically include features such as wheelchair accessibility, grab bars and other safety enhancements.
  • Freedom and flexibility. Independent living allows seniors to maintain their autonomy and independence while enjoying a supportive environment.

Each of these benefits brings the reassurance of help when you need it – and flexibility when you don’t.


Independent Living Options

Depending on your budget and stage of life, most communities offer multiple independent living options. Here are a few choices to consider.


If you’re looking for your own space with less maintenance, consider an apartment. There are several types of independent living apartments, including garden apartments, clusters, duplexes and townhouse apartments. This is often a more affordable option, as it does not come with the financial responsibilities of homeownership such as property taxes and maintenance costs. If you’re living on a fixed budget but still want a place to call your own, an apartment might be the perfect choice.

Manufactured Homes

If an apartment is outside of your budget, consider another great choice – manufactured homes. Also sometimes called mobile homes, these are often much more affordable than traditional houses or apartments. Residents can enjoy the privacy of their own space while still being part of a larger community.

Home Rental

Looking for a little more space without the commitment? Renting a home provides flexibility, allowing seniors to choose the duration of their stay without the commitment of homeownership. These offer more space than a manufactured home or apartment with the option to easily relocate or downsize if needed.

Home Ownership

Finally, you also have the option of buying a home in a retirement community for long-term stability. While owning a home can be a big financial commitment, it is a strong, long-term investment that allows you to build equity over time. When owning your own home, you also have more options for personalization. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might consider building a new home to your exact specifications or purchasing an existing one.


Independent Living Options at Advent Christian Village

Whatever you are looking for in your retirement years, don’t settle for a living option that causes you stress or takes time away from what matters most. Advent Christian Village offers options for every budget, personality, phase of life and lifestyle. Our continuum of care guarantees that you always have access to the care you need, when you need it and can progress through levels of care as needed. Contact our team today to learn more or click here to view a few of our beautiful neighborhoods. We’d love to welcome you home.

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