Loyal Employees Honored for 310 Years of Service

Jean Patterson, Infection Control and Quality Assurance Nurse (left), and Sharon Raulerson, LPN (right), were honored by Advent Christian Village for their years of service at the end of last month. Each has worked at ACV since 1984. Keri Hilliard, Vice President of Health Services (center), loves having such loyal employees taking care of the residents and members of the Village.

Twice a year, Advent Christian Village recognizes staff members who have passed milestones in the length of their service to ACV. Beginning at their five-year anniversary and continuing in five-year increments, employees are honored at a luncheon and are given meal vouchers for family members and friends to join them. Co-workers and Village members are also encouraged to attend to show their support and appreciation.

Following the meal, a slideshow displays pictures of each honoree as Cabinet members introduce the employees being recognized from their departments, telling a little about each person and the strengths they bring to their jobs. Each employee is presented a certificate and a gift.

The most recent Employee Service Award Presentation took place Feb. 25, with 29 staff members being recognized for 5 to 30 years of service to ACV. The combined length of service between them is an amazing 310 years. Two staff members — Jean Patterson, Infection Control and Quality Assurance Nurse, and Sharon Raulerson, LPN — were given special honor as 30-year employees.

Those attending the luncheon were entertained with photos of the two ladies taken through their years of service — some of which were humorous in nature — while Village President Craig Carter spoke about their dedication through the years.

In a culture where the average length of stay at a job is 3 to 5 years, it is remarkable that so many are able to celebrate these milestones semi-annually at ACV. In fact, 221 of the 486 current employees have worked for ACV for five years or more; that is roughly 45% of the total staff. One might expect only administrators to remain in their jobs for many years, but there was a wide variety of job titles represented among the honorees, from housekeeper to pastor to camp director.

Advent Christian Village truly appreciates these faithful employees and their dedication to its members and its ministry.

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