Many Seniors Would Prefer Assisted Living Over Family Caregivers

A smiling senior woman with her caregiver at an assisted living community.

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds (64%) of respondents aged 60 or more would rather live in an assisted living community than be cared for by their adult children or other family caregivers. The study, conducted by a medical equipment company, also found that more older adults are open to the idea of assisted living in general, with 80% of seniors saying they would consider it in the future. This senior living research was coordinated to understand experiences with independence and aging, particularly when it comes to needing assistance from family caregivers with incontinence issues.

“I Don’t Want to be a Burden”

Many seniors resist the idea of being dependent on others as they get older. It’s not always easy to ask for help with things you’re used to handling on your own. If you’ve ever broken a bone or have been ordered to rest after surgery, you might understand the frustration that comes with needing assistance with activities of daily living.

The guilt of being a burden tends to be even stronger when it concerns adult children, as this represents a role reversal that can be uncomfortable for both the senior and their loved ones. In another study, almost 50% of aging parents revealed they’re worried about burdening their children with their care as they get older. Here are three of the most common reasons why parents fear burdening you:

1. They don’t want to complicate your busy life.

Your parents know you have your own responsibilities to tend to as an adult – your job, your home, and their grandchildren, if you have any kids. Your mom or dad doesn’t want to be seen as another item on your to-do list when you already have so much on your plate.

2. They don’t want to lose control.

Aging parents feel that by asking for help, they are losing their independence and freedom. For example, if you’ve ever taken it upon yourself to organize the kitchen cabinets or clean the bathroom for your parent, they might be afraid that you’ll take over everything if they need support.

3. They feel guilty about their health problems.

After all, your parents are still your parents, and they don’t want to worry you about their medications, doctor’s visits, test results, etc. Senior parents don’t want to be parented by their children and will often keep health concerns a secret from you to prevent nagging or constant check ins.

A Better Quality of Life in Assisted Living Communities

For parents who don’t want to be a burden to their adult children or other family caregivers, assisted living communities help maintain a sense of privacy and dignity. Some senior parents are embarrassed and anxious to ask their family members for help, but compassionate support is readily available in an assisted living community, where they can receive just the right amount of daily help needed to continue to thrive.

There are several ways that assisted living can improve quality of life for your senior parent, including:

For more information on the benefits of assisted living, check out our post, “The Top Ways Assisted Living Communities Improve Quality of Life.

Find Peace of Mind for your Parents at Advent Christian Village

Advent Christian Village, located in beautiful North Florida, offers seniors the opportunity to reclaim their independence, combined with the comfort that comes from knowing support is there if they need it. The assisted living community at Dacier Manor is a vital part of the continuum of care offered at ACV. We offer bright and cheerful private or semi-private rooms for comfort and familiarity to help residents feel right at home. To schedule a tour of the assisted living community at Advent Christian Village, contact us today to see all we have to offer in person.

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