Best Moving Tips for Seniors: Simplifying the Moving Process

A senior couple packs for a move

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, but it can be even harder for your senior loved one. They may have not moved homes in decades and could have accumulated many items over many years. There is also the possibility that he or she is less mobile or could have trouble packing and performing other moving tasks on their own.

Keep It Simple and Stress-Free

Moving isn’t an event – it’s a process. It can seem overwhelming at first and your moving goals may feel out of reach. However, if you follow these tips, you can keep the move simple and efficient for everyone involved.

  1. Make a Plan – Decide how much of the moving process you and your senior loved one can do on your own. Then decide if you need movers to help you pack or if you need a place for storage. Keep a notebook with all of your moving information including any contact numbers for companies, to-do items, and more.
  2. Start Early – It’s never too early to start downsizing, as it’s a long process. Start by focusing on areas that collect extra items like a basement, attic and closets. Another good spot to tackle early is a filing cabinet.
  3. Create Smaller Tasks – Break the move into smaller tasks to make it feel more manageable.
  4. Plan Your Space – Use measurements of the new home to help you figure out exactly what can be taken and what furniture will fit.
  5. Share with Others – When downsizing, make piles to keep, throw away, and give to others. When your loved one gifts an item to a family member or friend, it can make parting with any belongings much easier. You can also choose a favorite charity and donate items there.
  6. Prepare for the Move – Pack a suitcase as if you were going away for a few days. It is helpful to have any necessary belongings in an easy-to-access area. Also, create an essentials box with the items that will be needed right away at the new home.1
  7. Take Care of Yourself and Others – Provide plenty of food to everyone during moving day and be sure to stay hydrated. If you can make sure your loved one stays physically healthy during the move, it could make the emotional transition a bit easier too.

Moving to Advent Christian Village

Whether your loved one is moving across town or across the county, or downsizing is due to a new physical need, plan ahead to keep this process smooth and stress-free. If your senior parent is ready for vibrant living in Florida, come get a feel for life at Advent Christian Village and all our housing options. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour.


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