New Love at Any Age: ACV’s Newlyweds

ACV’s Newlyweds

Bill and Patty Davies are Advent Christian Village’s most recent newlyweds. They were married in July of 2016. They very much enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other better. They’re much like any other typical newlywed couple. Except that they’re both in their 80s.

Bill was married to his first wife for 49 years. They had a happy marriage, just the two of them living in Massachusetts. Bill had been a lumber salesman.

Patty was married to her first husband for almost 42 years. The couple had three children and Patty now has four grandchildren. Outside the home, Patty did secretarial work.

In 1997, after her husband died, Patty was encouraged to move to Advent Christian Village. She was familiar with the community having grown up in the Advent Christian faith and being an Advent Christian pastor’s wife. In fact, the couple had planned to move to ACV together in their retirement. In May of that year, Patty made it her home.

Bill’s wife died in 2011. After living one year by himself, he contacted a friend in Florida about helping him find a new place to live in Florida. The friend told him to come to Dowling Park. In 2013, Bill moved into a rental home at Advent Christian Village.

About a year after moving to ACV, Bill was sitting in the Lopin’ Gopher, one of ACV’s dining choices, when Patty walked by. Bill’s reaction? “I said, ‘Wow!’”

Bill didn’t waste time and asked Patty to attend the Sunday evening church service with him. Unfortunately, she said no. Bill was undaunted. Soon after, he asked Patty to accompany him to a dedication service at the church for artwork which had been donated. This time, Patty agreed, and the couple went out on their first date.

After a relatively short courtship, Bill wanted to ask Patty to marry him. But he wanted a place for them both to live first, so he bought a house in River Woods, ACV’s homeownership neighborhood. As soon as the house was his, he proposed. “I already had the house, so she couldn’t say no,” Bill laughed. And, she didn’t say no.

They told their families and set a date for their I-dos two weeks later. “All the family” gathered at the church where Patty’s son is pastor: Berea Advent Christian Church in Smoaks, SC. Patty’s son performed the ceremony, and it was a lovely day: July 17, 2016.

It’s not often you ask newlyweds for marital advice, but when the two have almost 100 years of marriage experience between them, it makes sense. Bill and Patty don’t have a lot of advice, but what they give covers a lot of ground: “Be kind to each other, and take an interest in each other’s interests,” they say together. If you can remember to think of the other person, “you’re all set,” they agree.

The Davies enjoy eating out and spending time in Palm Beach, where they stay at a friend’s condo.

Bill works as the Assistant Custodian at The Village Church. He used to volunteer in several areas around ACV, but this position now takes up his “free time”. Patty helps Bill as much as she can, is a greeter at church, and has a special gift for personally ministering to others through kind words and prayer.

It’s no wonder these two found each other and were able to start a brand new loving relationship — they’re both thoughtful and caring — two ingredients for building a long-lasting, healthy relationship.

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