New Mentor/Mentee Program at ACV

A senior living resident working as an adult mentor with a Suwannee County freshman

Advent Christian Village supports youth in many ways, helping them to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. The ACV Mentoring Scholarship program is designed to pair an adult mentor with a Suwannee County freshman throughout the student’s four years of high school. During this time, it is the mentor’s role to serve as a guide and an additional support system for the student.

Through this program, students will be encouraged to develop Christian character and values, acknowledge their strengths, learn basic financial skills, how to write a resume and apply for a job. They will also gain a greater understanding of the value of further education.

Mentees are required to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher, have an excellent attendance record, exhibit good behavior, remain crime and drug-free and have monthly meetings with their mentor throughout their high school career.

Each student must attend Camp Suwannee each summer and ACV’s Leadership Development Training during his or her junior or senior year. Camp Suwannee will help the student grow spiritually and Leadership Training will develop the skills necessary to be an effective servant leader.

Structure will be a vital part of this program to help students learn the importance of commitment to the program and to themselves. Upon successful completion, the students will be awarded a scholarship that they can use for college or trade school. However, the rewards of personal growth gained in the process could be just as valuable.

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