Pill Organizers: Keeping You on the Right Medication Track

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As everyone knows, the memory starts to suffer with age. Whether we blame it on forgetfulness, old age, or too much other stuff to remember, most of us feel the effects of not remembering everything we’d like to. But when forgetfulness gets in the way of our health — such as forgetting to take our prescription medications — it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A big help when it comes to remembering to take our prescription medications is the pill organizer. Pill organizers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But their most helpful features are just that: their various special features.

All pill organizers have the basic feature of pill organization. It’s how they got their name. The smallest have seven spaces in order to organize your prescriptions by the day of the week. Some have 14 spaces to accommodate separate morning and evening pills for a week’s worth of days. If you really want to be organized, there’s even a model that has 124 spaces to accommodate morning, noon, evening and bedtime pills for up to 31 days, getting you ready for an entire month of prescription taking. Not sure you remembered to take your pills? Check the appropriate space. If the pills are still there, take them. If not, you’re okay.

Some pill organizers have special features such as timers. If you regularly get caught up in other activities and forget to take your prescriptions at the right time, your pill organizer can be set up to remind you when it’s time. There are even models which, at the set times, dispense the appropriate medications, eliminating two potential errors: wrong time/forgetting and the possibility of taking the wrong pills. These models also include keys which help caregivers make sure the medications and timers are not being tampered with by those they care for.

Some models include monitoring by alerting caregivers remotely if medications have been missed. If you have concerns whether your loved one is taking their prescriptions as they should, this type of pill organizer will help ease your mind.

Options abound: magnets, vibrating alarms, voice alarms, condensed size to fit in the pocket, text reminders, log notebooks, “last opened” alerts, tamper-proof locks, etc. If you decide a pill organizer would be beneficial for you or a loved one, do your research and pick the best option for your situation.

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