The Best Life Hacks and Safety Tips for Seniors

A senior couple uses life hacks to do chores

Everyday tasks can sometimes turn into challenging chores for seniors. Creating do-it-yourself life hacks can make life easier, safer and more organized. These hacks, or safety tips, can even reduce the risk of injuries, as they make day-to-day living efficient and secure.

These DIY safety hacks can sometimes work even better than expensive gadgets that are created to do the same job. Many of the following safety tips for seniors can be put into action today.

Top 11 Life Hacks for Seniors

These safety tips and organizing tricks can make daily chores go smoother and normal activities a little safer.

  1. Finding items in refrigerator: Put a lazy susan or turntable on top of a shelf so it can be rotated to bring hard-to-find items to the front.
  2. Pill reminders: If you have a smart phone or tablet, set up reminders and alerts for when to take certain medications throughout the day.
  3. Don’t confuse the keys: Use a small dot of bright nail polish on each key to help you remember which key goes to which door. You can even color coordinate the dots to the doors to help jog your memory.
  4. Add raised dot stickers to devices: Adding raised dot stickers to certain buttons on your phones and remotes can help any seniors who might have eye diseases or poor sight. These stickers allow for easier navigation by putting one on the on/off button or adhering some to certain phone number buttons. (For example, the 2 and 8 phone pad buttons are great choices for stickers so your fingers can easily find the rest).
  5. Rubber bands for better grasp: Wrap rubber bands around cups and mugs for a better grip, especially if hands are shaky or weak. This hack can be useful on pens or toothbrushes too.
  6. Round out sharp edges: Prevent injuries on sharp corners of furniture by using stick-on corner guards.
  7. Get rid of rugs or tack them down: Rugs can be a huge tripping hazard for seniors. If possible, toss them out. Or, alternatively, you can find double-sided rug adhesive to make sure they are secure to the floor.
  8. Make zipping easier: Attach a key ring or paper clip to difficult zippers. This makes them easier to grasp and pull.
  9. Prevent soap from falling: When soap falls in the shower, it can present a difficult situation and a senior could easily fall while trying to retrieve it. To keep this from happening, get a pair of hosiery and cut off one leg. Put a bar of soap in the “foot” of the hose and tie the top to a showerhead or handle.
  10. Keep prescription info handy: Take photos of prescriptions on your smart phone and save in your camera roll, or keep a written list in your purse in case you suddenly need to show your doctor or pharmacist.
  11. Stay hydrated all day: Get a large water bottle and write the hours of the day down the side. This will remind you when and how much to drink throughout the day.

Daily Life at Advent Christian Village

Your everyday life can be filled with chores and tasks that become difficult as we age. Simple life hacks can keep these difficulties from turning into safety hazards. Start implementing these tips into your daily life to make common tasks simpler.

When you are ready to make life even easier or these tasks become too daunting to handle alone, visit Advent Christian Village. You will see how independent living in Dowling Park, FL provides a social and safe environment in a faith-based senior living community. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a visit.

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