Summer Fun Isn’t Just For The Kids

Senior Living Pontoon Boat

The summer months can bring back cherished memories from your youth. Whether you have memories of skiing on the river, fishing in a nearby lake, memories of family hikes, and/or picnics at a nearby park, most can say the summer months held the key to new experiences and lasting memories in your youth. After many years in the workforce, retirement is a time to rediscover interests and even explore new ones! We like to think fun doesn’t just take place in the summer, but it’s hard to deny some fun in the sun.

Of course, ACV members also have the benefit of having the historic Suwannee River in their backyard as well. It wouldn’t a “fun in the sun” summer without taking advantage of the beautiful river and that’s just what our members are doing! Group canoe trips, weekly pontoon boat rides (courtesy of ACV), and nature trail hikes along the river only begin to describe the ways that our members have fun at the river.

Community Life Coordinator, James Sutter, does an excellent job at coordinating programs and activities for our members at ACV. Just this month we held what we hope to be our first annual golf cart race. Drivers were blindfolded and the passengers had to verbally guide them through an outlined course through cones, and around turns. Many laughs and memories were made as spectators cheered on their friends from the sidelines.

ACV is a hub of outdoor activities for seniors. Our community enjoys the luxury of swimming, kayaking, and fishing along the historic Suwannee River all year long. Residents can also take pontoon boat rides, bike on miles of scenic trails, or enjoy an afternoon of bird watching. There’s truly something for everyone.

As always, we encourage you to stay on top of your hydration and health, especially during the summer months in Florida. Staying hydrated, applying sunscreen when you are going to be outdoors, and taking other precautions to manage your health when being outside is essential to having a fun, summer!

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