Technology to Stay Connected with Loved Ones in Senior Living

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When your loved one resides in a senior living community, staying close to them is important to you. You want to stay connected to your parents or loved one, even when you aren’t able to physically spend time with them. The question is, how? Technology has become a part of our daily lives to help us stay informed and to stay connected with friends and family, including loved ones in senior living. More and more seniors are becoming familiar with modern technology and using it to stay connected.

Senior living communities also use technology to help keep residents safe. Wi-Fi and 24-hour emergency call systems are now commonplace in most senior living communities. With modern technology, staying connected to your loved one doesn’t have to be difficult. These solutions can help you connect with your loved one from afar.

Best Technology for Seniors: 3 Ways to Stay Connected

How does technology connect us? With instant messaging, video calls and social media platforms, technology has made communication fairly simple. Here are a few ways you can use technology to stay connected to your loved ones in senior living:

  1. Cellphone Calls are the simplest way to stay connected with your loved ones. If your loved one doesn’t have their own cellphone, make sure you have the phone number to the senior living community, so that you can easily exchange phone calls with them. Calling to check on them now and then can really make them feel connected to you and boost their morale.
  2. Skype and Facetime are great ways to feel connected to your loved one and allow you to see their faces. If this is an option for your loved one, make sure they know how to use and download these programs on their devices. Skype is a free app that can be downloaded to a mobile device, laptop or desktop. Facetime is specifically for iPhone users, and is available on iPhones, iPads and Apple computers.
  3. Social Media is another great tool to help you connect with loved ones. By inviting your loved one to utilize social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, they will be able to see and share photos and videos directly with you. Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social networks available, and even has its own messenger app for quicker communication.

How Will You Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones?

Now that you’re more familiar with different ways to communicate with technology, how will you stay connected to your loved ones? It is imperative now more than ever that you continue to reach out and connect with your friends and family members who you’re unable to physically visit. By simply calling your loved one twice a week or sending them a few photos, you can really help to make them feel less isolated during this time. Technology helps make it easy to reconnect and have a conversation in a matter of seconds.

Staying Connected Through the Advent Christian Village Lifestyle

We’ve designed our Advent Christian Village Lifestyle around giving residents and their families peace of mind, a sense of independence and quality senior care.  In fact, our staff members have recently set-up video chats for residents to connect with their loved ones. With the use of iPads and tablet technology, members can visit and see their families during this time of uncertainty and global pandemic. To take advantage of these technology tools, call Good Samaritan Center at (386) 658-5573 or Dacier Manor at (386) 658-5575 to schedule a video chat with your loved one.

At Advent Christian Village, your loved ones will have the opportunity for personal growth, physical improvement and spiritual development. If you’re interested in receiving more information on our lifestyle or how you can stay close with your loved ones, please reach out to us or give us a call at 1-800-647-3353.

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