Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Community with Your Parent

Senior couple with their daughter about to tour a senior living community

It’s always disheartening to realize your parent is beginning to require more help because of their age. And deciding what steps need to be taken should not be made lightly. However, moving to a place that will offer necessary assistance can be a big relief for everyone involved. As you start your research to help your parent choose the best community for their future, it’s important to know exactly what level of care is needed to allow them to thrive.

Recognizing the Signs Your Parent Could Benefit from Assisted Living

One option is an assisted living community. Assisted living communities are not like nursing homes; they are much more like apartment buildings or condominiums, but with meals provided, assistance available for activities of daily living, and light medical assistance such as helping with medications. Often, aging parents do not believe — or are afraid to admit — that they need more help. They may insist that they can continue to remain in their homes for at least a few more years. However, if you’ve visited recently and noticed they are having trouble keeping up with household chores and self-maintenance, assisted living might be the right option. Here are a few ways to recognize your loved one might benefit from a move to an assisted living community:

  • Has trouble with mobility and getting around the house, like standing up from a chair or getting in and out of bed
  • Forgets to take medications or doesn’t do it at the right times
  • Has memory-related issues or is displaying signs of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Can’t take care of the household, and has trouble with simple chores
  • Has a poor diet or doesn’t eat frequently enough
  • Exhibits poor personal hygiene
  • Has late payments for checks and payment notices

If you notice several of these behaviors, you might want to start the conversation about assisted living. Today’s assisted living communities offer high quality health care services in a comfortable, safe environment that can greatly improve your loved one’s overall health and well-being.

Touring Assisted Living Communities: Tips to Keep in Mind

After you and your parent make the decision to start touring assisted living communities, there are a few things to keep in mind. By using these tips while touring, you are ensured to have a great experience, and hopefully find the perfect living situation for your loved one.

  • Prepare questions beforehand. Touring is not the time or place to be shy. Come with questions prepared, and ask any questions that arise during your tour. If you’re curious about the dining services, activities, or the lifestyle residents enjoy, make sure you ask! Choosing a community is not an easy choice, and the more knowledge you have about the options for your loved one, the better.
  • Talk to staff members and residents. Make sure that you are not just talking to your tour guide, but that you’re also receiving information and speaking with the people who are already there. Staff members and residents can offer a personal insight into the community, and their experiences can be a critical component to what you, and your parent’s decision is.
  • Observe how clean/neat the community is. No one wants to live in unkempt conditions. Take note of the overall cleanliness of the community and how inviting the living spaces are. Ask what sort of renovations or expansions might be planned in the near future.
  • Eat a meal or take part in a community activity. If possible, dine at the community you are touring or even ask to participate in one of their activities. Your loved one’s enjoyment during these times can be an indicator as to how much they will enjoy life at the community.
  • Ask about the property’s security. Oftentimes, security and safety are an important factor when deciding which community to choose from. When touring, don’t shy away from asking what measures they take to ensure their resident’s and staff’s safety. How they handle medications or staffing shifts can also be important things to ask about when on the subject of security.

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